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Writers Do It On Their Own. Or Do They?

Have you ever thought of writing ‘collaboratively’? Or, to put it another way – with someone else? One of the members of my class had an idea just before the summer term ended: how about writing a family saga ‘as … Continue reading

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Friends & Family: Help Or Hindrance?

I’ve spotted an interesting new article on the Writers & Artists’ website by Emma Chapman, author of How To Be A Good Wife (which is a novel by the way, not a handbook!). The article’s called ‘Being Delusional: A Guide … Continue reading

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Happy (rainy) Easter Sunday

We had a bit of a family ‘do’ yesterday at our place. This involved me cleaning the house for about two days. And shopping. And cooking. A lot. Which, actually, I didn’t mind. The sun shone, the food, although I … Continue reading

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A Storm In A Tea Cup?

If anyone still thinks writing for women’s magazines, such as Woman’s Weekly, is only for amateurs, may I turn your attention to page 27 of the current Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special (March issue)? It contains a short story (‘Hot Pork … Continue reading

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New Writing Festival .. and the tele’!

You know how some things just go together? Bread and butter, salt and pepper, white wine and soda, Starsky & Hutch (whoops, showing my age) and of course, that old classic: writing and asparagus! Yes, I have discovered ‘AsparaWriting Festival’ … Continue reading

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Good Housekeeping Novel Competition

If you buy the January 2014 edition of Good Housekeeping (UK only – it’s the one with the new, slimline Clare Balding on the cover), you’ll see there’s an entry form on page 71 for their latest novel-writing competition. Hurrah! … Continue reading

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First Aid for Novels + ‘First Aid Novels’

Hmm, where are the weeks disappearing to? One minute it’s Monday, the next it’s Friday and, somehow, I haven’t done half the writing I wanted to do. I am quietly panicking. ‘Rapid Response’ Medical Romance Stories There’s not much time … Continue reading

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