Time Is Precious

Update: what did I do with my ‘extra hour’ this morning? I went to the swimming pool! The whole place had gone Halloween-crazy. It was slightly disconcerting having witch and batwoman lifeguards watching me do my lengths.  

Swimming is, for me, like writing.  Sometimes it’s an effort to take the plunge but once I’ve warmed up, I love it – and afterwards I feel so virtuous! (and deserving of a coffee and a Kit Kat).

Don’t forget, clocks in the UK go back at 2am, this Sunday (31 October). What are you going to do with that extra hour? Have a longer snooze? Do something special? (Or maybe, even – write?)

Della Galton (‘Queen of the Short Story’) cleverly used the ‘extra hour’ when the clocks go back, as a plot idea for a story she talks about in her book, ‘How to Write and Sell Short Stories’.

The theme of the story is ‘time is precious’ and it features a couple who have a tradition of doing something special to mark that ‘extra hour’, each year  – a tradition that continues even after one of them dies.   

Some people are snooty about stories in women’s magazines (don’t get me started on that one..!) but as I remember Della saying during a workshop I attended at Writers’ Holiday in Caerleon last year, ‘You don’t have to be the greatest writer in the world to have a story published in a magazine. But you do have to have a damn good idea.’

I agree. And as getting good ideas is sometimes tricky, why not use your ‘extra hour’ on Sunday to try to come up with a few?

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