Writing for Writers’ Forum

The January 2011 issue of Writers’ Forum popped through my letter box today, which was a surprise, for two reasons:

1. January seems rather a long way away (I haven’t even finished the November mag yet!)

2. I clearly remember getting a letter from Writers’ Forum a few weeks ago telling me that my subscription had expired with the December issue.

And then I remembered my cunning plan….

At this (expensive!) time of year, splashing out on a magazine subscription seemed rather extravagant, so I’d thought I might try to ‘win’ one instead.

Readers of Writers’ Forum will know that in the ‘News Front’ section, readers are invited to submit short news items that are ‘useful or of interest to writers’. And there’s a year’s subscription to be won each month for the best item.

I’d scoured newspapers and found 2 items which I thought they might like: one about Jilly Cooper and the goat (which I’ve also written about in this blog) and another about the poet Simon Armitage’s plans to hold a poetry event at the London 2012 Olympics, involving 200 poets from all over the world.
I rewrote them, adding some ‘extra’ information (eg: the meaning of ‘Poetry Parnassus’, which is the Olympic poetry event).

And this morning, as I opened the magazine-that-I-wasn’t-expecting-to get, I wondered whether, just maybe…… yes! There was my piece about Simon Armitage and yes… on the opposite page, was my piece about Jilly Cooper. And I’ve won a year’s subscription to the magazine.

So why am I telling you this? Well, I reckon they don’t get that many ‘News Front’ submissions. They promise to print the reader’s ‘by-line’ with each published item. This month there are 11 pieces across the 2 pages but only 4 are attributed to a reader, and 2 of those are mine (which might just mean that the rest are written in-house).

So why don’t you have a go? Email your piece, (no more than 200 words), with your ‘evidence’ that the story’s true (eg: a web link or a scan of an article) to: news@writers-forum.com

Good luck!

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4 Responses to Writing for Writers’ Forum

  1. Helena says:

    Thanks for posting about this. I used to buy Writers’ Forum and always enjoyed it, but in the end I let my subscription lapse and never got around to renewing it. Think I might have a go at sending them something – if I can find something interesting enough to write about, of course!

    Found your blog via your comment on Womag’s about the new book by Jane Wenham-Jones (which I’d love to win, by the way). Having recently set up one myself (ahem, shameless plug alert), I’m always interested in reading other writers’ blogs and yours is one I’ll definitely be bookmarking for future reads.

    • Helena
      thanks for your comments – and don’t worry about the ‘shameless plug’!! As a newbie-blogger myself, I’m quickly realising that a lot of the comments and interactions are between fellow-bloggers! And why not? (apart from, it’s taking over my life!!). Anyway, I will definitely have a look at your blog later and good luck in the prize draw!

  2. I can definitely recommend Writers’ Forum and not just because I have a regular column in it about author’s and their research. 😉 Over the last few years it has gone from strength to strength. There is plenty in it for experienced and new writers.

    This was a great post Helen.

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