NaNoWriMo Is Over!

Hurrah, I completed my 50,000 word ‘novel’ at 8.45pm tonight and am therefore a ‘winner’ of NaNoWriMo!  

“What do you win?” I hear you cry. Well, … er, nothing, actually, except the satisfaction of having ‘done it’ . Oh, and a nice certificate that I’ve downloaded from the site. And the lovely people at the NaNoWriMo ‘HQ’ gave me a big ‘Congratulations!’ (which always sounds better in an American accent) and a round of applause when I pressed on their video.  

It’s a relief to have finished. Some people (bless ‘em) have already asked me if I’m ‘happy with the ending?’ and if they’re going to see the final novel soon! (The answers to which are ‘kind of’ and ‘no’).

I feel like I’ve just emerged from a mine clutching a huge rock that I’ve hewn out of the earth. It’s a big lumpy mess, covered in dirt but when I look closely, I can see some gems in there, glittering away. But it’s going to take a lot more work (and several more drafts) to get them out and polish them up before I can let anyone see them.  

Writing a novel is hard work.  I salute anyone who can do it.

There’s an interesting article on Nick Daw’s blog, (written by Jeff Phelps), on ‘Through The First Draft Desert’. I read it today when I still had 5000 words to go and found it inspiring. It’s great to know the feelings you have during that first draft (eg: ‘this is rubbish’!) are quite normal.

If any of you out there in ‘cyberspace’ have also completed NaNoWriMo today, (let me know!), well done – it’s a nice feeling, isn’t’ it?

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2 Responses to NaNoWriMo Is Over!

  1. Derek Baker says:

    Well done. To write 50000words is an achievement even if it’s rubbish. I wish I could type quick enough to do it. No on second thoughts I have something better to do.finish a story and write some poetry.

  2. Judy Short says:

    Your post brought a wave of nostalgia. I have “won” Nanowrimo three times but decided not to enter this year – too much life stuff going on. But, I’ve missed it, especially the excuse to duck out of household chores to complete the daily word count! So, well done for making it to the end. Can I encourage you to take up the Create Space offer of a free proof copy of your book. It’s a faff and a fiddle to get it sorted out, but a great sense of achievement to have a real book at the end of the process. Good luck with the re-drafts.

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