Christmas Quiz Time!

My creative writing class met for the last time before Christmas last week and I compiled a little ‘literary’ quiz (14 questions) to get us in the mood for the festive season.

I wouldn’t like you to miss out, so here it is! No prizes this time – it’s just for fun. See how many you can get – and no Googling!

The answers are on the next Post down.

  1. What was the theme of National Poetry day this year (Oct 2010)?

2. What type of words are ‘happily’, ‘angrily’ and ‘joyfully’?

3. What kind of animal is ‘Snowball’ in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’?

4. Which Dickensian hero goes skating on Christmas Day and falls through the ice?

5. Which poet and dramatist won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1923?

6. What’s the name for an overused or tired expression (try to avoid these in your writing!)?

7. Who wrote a short story in which a fir tree growing in the forest longs to become a Christmas tree? 

8. Who wrote the children’s book ‘The Snowman’?  

9. If you wrote a story or novel in the ‘first person’, what pronoun would you use?

10. What’s the name for melodramatic dialogue tags, such as ‘he expostulated’, ‘she interjected’, ‘he hissed’?

11. In which of Shakespeare’s plays does the character Malvolio appear?

12. What’s the name for a figure of speech in which something is described as or compared to something else? eg: ‘he was a lion in battle’,  ‘the clouds were balls of cotton wool’.  

13. According to the Guinness Book of Records, who is the best-selling author of books of all time?

14. Shakespeare wrote 154 of them. They have 14 lines and a distinctive rhyming pattern. What are they?

And if you need a little bit of extra help, here’s a clue: the first letters of the answers spell out a well-known expression!

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