Winning Poem For ‘The Friendship Project’

Jo Bell, the director of National Poetry Day and co-programmer of The Ledbury Festival 2011 ran a charity poetry competition just before Christmas, which was ‘by invitation only’ – ie: only 250 of those she’d had some contact with over the past 12 months were sent the details.

I’m not sure how I got on the list, to be honest, but there you go, I didn’t argue and when Jo stated in her email that she only got 7 entries to her previous charity poetry competition in 2009, I thought I might stand a chance. So I entered. And she had 67 entries this time. But I still won!

Which means my chosen charity, The Friendship Project, which supports disadvantaged children in Warwickshire (Shakespeare’s County, no less), is £100 better off.
The poem had to be 6 lines long and here it is:

‘The Friendship Project’ charity helps many kids in need
It pairs them with an ‘older friend’ and sows a friendship seed.
Young carers, the bullied, the lonely and the sad –
Through outings, trips and laughter, the Project makes them glad.
It shows them that they matter, it helps to stop their tears
It gives them fun and friendships, that last for many years.

Which just goes to show that: a) sometimes simple is best and b) when it comes to competitions, it’s always worth having a go because you just never know…..

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2 Responses to Winning Poem For ‘The Friendship Project’

  1. CLARE BASKOTT says:

    Congratulations on your and The Friendship Project’s much deserved win x

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