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Wanted: Lincolnshire Poet Laureate

I’m not complaining but when I was Warwick Poet Laureate, I wasn’t paid and most Regional Poet Laureate positions are the same – ie: honorary. There were plenty of benefits though, not least some ‘commissioned’ poetry, the offer of a … Continue reading

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Starting That Novel… (Feel The Fear!)

Writing Buddy Sally Jenkins and I went to novelist Martin Davies’ ‘Novel Writing Starter Kit’ in lovely Mackworth library in Derby yesterday and had a really enjoyable time. I’m sure Sally will be writing about it over on her blog … Continue reading

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The Ups And Downs Of Life – And Writing

“Make it personal”, they said, when I announced I was going to write a blog. “Let the readers see the ‘real you’”. Well.. er.. OK then: Over the past couple of weeks, I have, I must confess: 1. Failed to … Continue reading

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‘The Help’ – Book Recommendation

My friend kept raving about a book she’d read. She was comparing it to ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, which is her all-time-favourite. “You have to read it!” she said. “It’s fantastic. I’m going to buy it for you!” And she … Continue reading

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Competition Prizes – Disappointment

😦 It’s dark and it’s cold and it’s time for me to have a little moan… Back in August 2010, I came third in an on-line short story competition, run by a British chick-lit writer. I was thrilled to be … Continue reading

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Woman’s Weekly – Letter to Writers

As a ‘regular contributor’ to Woman’s Weekly’s fiction pages (well, 6 stories accepted so far!), I’ve just received an email from the magazine’s Fiction Editor, Gaynor Davies and Assistant Fiction Editor, Clare Cooper, with some useful tips and advice, which … Continue reading

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100 Stories for Queensland – Contributions Invited by 28th January 2011

Thanks to Nick Daws for posting details of this new short story anthology in aid of victims of the recent floods in Australia. Like 100 Stories for Haiti and 50 Stories for Pakistan – both of which Nick was also … Continue reading

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Ten (Writing-Related) Things To Do In January!

1. Have a clear out! Is your PC full of half-finished stories or poems that didn’t quite make the grade? Read through them. Can they be salvaged or re-written? You might be surprised what you find and ‘tidying’ is very … Continue reading

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Write Invite – Join in The Fun!

I’m not sure how you’re all finding me (ah, the wonders of the web!) but this site has been attracting lots of visitors from outside the UK (33 different countries at the last count, including Vietnam and Saudi Arabia!) and … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all and I hope your writing dreams – however big or small – come true in 2011! It’s been a grey miserable day here, weather-wise: all the snow’s gone and the countryside looks a bit … Continue reading

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