Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all and I hope your writing dreams – however big or small – come true in 2011!

It’s been a grey miserable day here, weather-wise: all the snow’s gone and the countryside looks a bit sad. But we still headed out for our traditional New Year’s Day walk, complete with a flask of coffee (with a touch of Baileys) and the requisite (mini!) bottle of champagne.

We did our usual: we sat on a bench in the middle of a village green with our ‘picnic’, much to the amusement of people walking past and toasted the New Year. I actually got an idea for a story today while we sat there, which just goes to prove something that I’ve always suspected: a little alcohol is good for the creative juices.

My New Year’s Writing Resolutions:
1. To write more – especially poetry!
2. To send out more work
3. To do something with my NaNoWriMo story (I’m thinking of trying to turn it into a Pocket Novel)
4. To double the number of ‘hits’ (ie: acceptances/published work) I had in 2010. If I do 1) and 2), it‘s got some chance of happening!

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