Competition Prizes – Disappointment

😦 It’s dark and it’s cold and it’s time for me to have a little moan…

Back in August 2010, I came third in an on-line short story competition, run by a British chick-lit writer. I was thrilled to be placed in a competition that had attracted a fair number of entries and which had been judged by some writers that I really admire. It was great to see my story printed on her blog and I looked forward to receiving my prize: a signed copy of one of her books and £25 of book vouchers.

Nothing came. I waited and waited.

2 (polite and evenly-spaced) reminder emails later, I have, today, received the paperback, duly signed by the author, with an apology for the fact that it has taken so long (five months).

And there was no mention of the £25 book tokens. Am I supposed to just forget about those? Sigh. Another (perhaps not quite so polite) email beckons….

It’s taken the shine off my prize. Maybe it’s me, but I think, if you run a competition – and enjoy all the publicity and attention that it attracts – then the least you can do is ensure the winners get their prizes.

Which is what I have been trying to do, with my competition – the one I ran before Christmas. But, it’s proving difficult! I still have the books! And not because I decided not to award them after all, but, rather disappointingly, because I can’t contact the winner, Tim Pope!

If I haven’t heard from Tim by 31st January 2011 (and if you know him, could you give him a nudge, please?) then I will be re-drawing the prize! So, all of you who ‘qualified’ by leaving a comment on the blog before 15th December, one of you could still get your clutches on those books! Watch this space….

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2 Responses to Competition Prizes – Disappointment

  1. eddie walsh says:

    That is sad to have to wait so long for a prize. I run regular flash fiction comps on my website and I put results and critiques on as soon as I can and cheques are sent out within 30 days of closing dates. For instance, my airport comp closed on february 28, 2011 and just two days later a critique of all 48 entries was on my website and I announced the 12 shortlisted entries which go forward for final judging.

    • Eddie
      Thanks for your commiserations! I am still waiting for the book tokens! (no reply to my emails to the writer concerned). I am seriously thinking of ‘naming and shaming’ her!!

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