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What Makes A Good Book?

How long do you give a book before you give up on it? Two pages? A couple of chapters? Or are you more precise, like a woman I once knew in a reading group, who gave a book ‘to page … Continue reading

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Magazine Madness Part 2: February Letters

I’m really starting to enjoy writing my letters to the magazines. The more I do, the more I realise there’s a knack to it (I had one published last week in the Sun’s ‘Buzz’ magazine, but it wasn’t the star … Continue reading

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Getting Paid (my turn!)

There’s currently a very interesting debate on some of the ‘Writerly Blogs’ about getting paid (or not!) for published articles and stories (see the Womag blog here if you want to follow the thread and all the links) and I … Continue reading

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A TV Recommendation, A Book Festival & A Short Story Competition

Sorry this post is a bit of a jumble – but there’s so much to tell you about! “My Life In Books” I’ve just watched the first of BBC 2’s ‘My Life In Books’ series, which is going to run … Continue reading

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Stratford Literary Festival – Poetry Competition

The details for the Stratford Festival’s poetry competition are now on the website. The good news is, that it’s open to anyone, anywhere in the world, entry is FREE and the deadline is 18th March 2011, so you’ve got plenty … Continue reading

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Creative Writing Class – Arden School, Knowle

Good news! My Creative Writing class for Solihull College, at Arden School in Knowle, has enough people now to re-start (after our ‘false start in January!) as a 5 week course from next Monday, 28th February up until Easter. It … Continue reading

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What Do You Need To Write?

I was asked to write about this for a class exercise once and I thought it was worth revisiting. The things I (think) I need in order to write are: 1. Something to write on and with 2. A seat … Continue reading

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