Magazine Madness Part 1:January Letters

I have another New Year’s Resolution which I haven’t told you about until now:

I’m going to write (or hopefully, email), a letter to a magazine or newspaper every week. And just to make it more difficult, it has to be a different magazine each time.

Why am I doing this?

1. It’s good writing practice (and it doesn’t take long).
2. There are some good prizes to be won!
3. It will make me keep my eye out for new magazines and markets (for possible article submissions).
4. And finally, because it’s a challenge and I like a challenge.

I’ll keep you updated every month or so and let you have the details, in case you’d like to write to the magazines yourself.

In January I wrote to:

1: Good Housekeeping
I read the latest issue in my local library and sent an email praising the magazine. Typical ‘star letter’ prize = £50 bouquet of flowers. At least with this one I can easily keep an eye on the letters page, each time I’m in the library.
Or, if you prefer ‘snail-mail’, then write to:
Letters to The Editor
Good Housekeeping
72 Broadwick Street

2: The Sun – TV Buzz
Update, Sept 9th 2011: Sadly, the Buzz magazine, in its previous format and with all those lovely letter-writing opportunities, is now defunct! I won star letter twice, although I am still chasing up my second prize, for a letter which was published just a week or so before the magazine folded.
On Saturdays The Sun has a colour TV supplement called ‘Buzz’ and the letters page offers a star letter prize worth about £100. ‘Want to tell us what you think of this week’s TV?’ is the message at the top of the page. Most letters are written in praise of a TV programme, although they don’t specifically ask for that.

Write to Steph at buzz, 3 Thomas More Square, London E98 1SN or email:

3. Tesco’s Magazine
Recent prizes for the star letter printed in Tesco’s free in-store magazine (published bi-monthly) have included a theatre weekend in London and a home theatre system.

Write to:
Tesco Magazine, Cedar Communications, 85 Strand, London WC2R ODW
Or email:

Comments on previous issues and tips for improving women’s lives seem to be the preferred style. I sent them a letter commenting on an interview with Fiona Philips in the Jan/Feb issue.

4. Prima magazine (monthly) gives a year’s subscription for every letter published on their letter page and in February’s issue the star letter received a skincare set worth £64. Again, comments on previous issues seem to be popular, so you might need to splash out on the mag – or flick through a copy in ‘Smiths!

Write to: Prima Letters, 72 Broadwick Street, London W1F 9EP
Or email:

Don’t forget to include your name and address, so they can send you your prize!

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5 Responses to Magazine Madness Part 1:January Letters

  1. Thanks for these. I sometimes send in letters (for the same reasons as you) I didn’t know about the Tesco mag, so thanks for that!

  2. Susan Jones says:

    Thanks for this Helen. I’ve just sent one off to buzz at the Sun. Another one, where I sent a letter today is Saga magazine. Any issues to do with being over 50 I think. (That’s provided you are over 50;) I wrote about the benefits of being able to read classic books without feeling like a nurd.

    • Susan
      thanks for the tip about the Saga magazine. I was looking at the racks of magazines in a shop over the weekend. This wasn’t even a ‘proper’ newsagents like W H Smiths – it was just a small supermarket but there were still dozens of magazines, all needing letters…!

  3. womagwriter says:

    Great idea, Helen, and good luck with it! Wasn’t there some WB student who once financed a month’s cruise by sending letters to magazines?

    • I hadn’t heard that but it wouldn’t surprise me! I have heard of the WB student who’s sent in so many contributions to one of the weekly magazine’s ‘rude joke of the week’ slot, that he made about £600 (at £15 a throw). That probably paid for his writing course, so good for him!

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