Stratford Literary Festival 25th April – 2nd May 2011

It’s only 11am but I’ve already adopted a turtle and hung the washing out on the line FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR! Hurrah, Spring is (almost) here.

The turtle-adopting thing is a bit embarrassing. My friend gave me the pack for a Christmas present years ago and I’ve just found it in one of my ‘piles’ (am I the only one who has piles of papers and magazines dotted ‘strategically’ around the house? My ex, bless him, used to call them my ‘piles of cr*p’. You can see why he’s an ex).

Anyway, I discovered the turtle adoption pack today (dated 2006!!) and realised that I should have ‘activated’ it on-line – and I’ve finally done it. And amazingly, the company was still there and the adoption number was still valid, so I feel good now. And somewhere, crawling out of its shell and making its way down the beach to the sea, is a little endangered-species turtle with my name on it!

But the real reason for this post is to tell you that the programme for the 4th Stratford-upon-Avon Literary Festival has been announced and if you live in or around the Midlands (or just fancy a day out in Shakespeare’s lovely town between 25th April – 2nd May 2011), then have a look.

They will also be running a poetry competition (closing date: 18th March, subject: My Home) but the details of how to enter haven’t yet been announced.

I must admit that I think some of the events are the teensiest bit on the expensive side but that’s probably just a reflection of the fact that the Festival is in Stratford, which is, let’s face, it, quite posh.

Also some of them are during the day, which is not great for those of us who are not ‘ladies who lunch’ but have to work for a living! I’m not trying to put you off. I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time if you go and I do quite fancy some of the events myself (curry with Sophie Hannah, for example, or the Poetry Open Mic event, with jazz, or author Barbara Trapido, who got a mention in my last post).

And don’t despair if you live too far from Stratford because I’ve found a brilliant website that lists ALL the literary festivals taking place in the UK (there are hundreds!) so have a look here – there’s bound to be one near you.

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2 Responses to Stratford Literary Festival 25th April – 2nd May 2011

  1. Congrats on your new turtle!

  2. Can truly associate with the ‘piles of papers cr*p’. Today, after several months, we finally unearthed the nutcrackers from beneath a pile of such papers. Two months too late – all our Christmas walnuts have long been smashed using a set of industrial-grade mole grips from the garage.

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