Laugh In The Face of Rejection!

I don’t normally pass on YouTube stuff (and you may have already seen it – over 2 million people have!) but I think you might find this amusing – I certainly did! Worth a click here next time you get a rejection letter* (and what writer doesn’t – except those who never send any work off?!)

The chap ripping up the letters in this clip is not a writer – it was yet another job rejection that he was ..err, disposing of – but the principle is the same. If only we all had a cheery little Micah to help us cope with the pain….!

*or, as someone wiser than me once called it, ‘a re-marketing opportunity’

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3 Responses to Laugh In The Face of Rejection!

  1. Susan Jones says:

    That’s very funny. I’ll do that with my next rejection. Why I keep them I don’t know.

  2. Sonia M. says:

    That is awesome! Thanks for posting. I will remember that when I get a rejection.

  3. We watched this earlier and it was so infectious, we couldn’t help but giggle.

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