Love Is In The Air!

I’m making no excuses for bringing a touch of romance to my blog today!

Romance is, after all, the top-selling genre and many other types of books have an element of romance in them somewhere too (what about thrillers like James Bond, with all those luscious ladies..!?).

The RNA (Romantic Novelists’ Association) has just announced the winner of its ‘Romantic Novel of The Year’ award. It’s Jojo Moyes, for ‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’. Click here for more details on that.

Ah and then, of course, there’s the impending Royal Wedding. Yesterday I was asked to judge a poetry competition on the subject, which will be fun! And I am sooo envious of Kate Middleton! Not for the obvious reasons but because she’s the inspiration behind two new ‘Little Miss’ books!

‘Little Miss Princess’ (on sale now) is the first ‘Mr Men’ book to be published since Little Miss Whoops in 2003, while ‘Little Miss Princess And The Very Special Wedding’ colouring and sticker storybook will be on sale from 4th April. I think I’m going to have to buy that one and adorn my office with pretty pictures, if only to annoy my (male) colleagues.

The books are by Adam Hargreaves, whose father, Roger, of course, invented the best-selling Mr Men series in 1971, followed by the Little Miss series in 1980. Adam claims that he came up with the idea of a Little Miss Princess long before the royal engagement was announced – but I’m sure he’s pleased about the ‘happy coincidence’!

Apparently the humour in the Little Miss Princess story revolves around the fact that the Prince (aka Mr Bump) is housebound, as he’s broken his leg and Little Miss Princess is trying to help him, but as she’s not used to doing things for herself (she even has a servant to put the toothpaste on her toothbrush), she finds it a bit tricky. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

I use laminated pictures of Mr Men and Little Miss characters in my writing classes, as ‘prompts’ for students to use when introducing themselves to the class. Apart from being a bit of fun, it’s a great way of demonstrating the maxim that all would-be writers have heard: “show don’t tell’.

One woman in my new class a couple of weeks ago chose ‘Little Miss Dotty’, because, she claimed, she was dotty.

“Give us an example,” I said (ie: show us), so she explained that once, she’d really embarrassed her daughter when they were out shopping together. Her daughter suddenly looked down and screamed, “Mum, what on earth – ?” She was wearing two odd shoes (different styles and different colours!).

We were convinced. She truly deserves the title ‘Little Miss Dotty’!

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4 Responses to Love Is In The Air!

  1. Sonia M. says:

    Is there a Little Miss Procrastinator? 🙂

    • Sonia – there should be, shouldn’t there? We could make up a whole list of writerly Little Miss and Mr Men books! (I might have to share Little Miss Procrastinator with you, though!)

  2. I’m Little Miss One Finger Typist.

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