Story Success & Novel Competition

I have a story in the new (out today!) issue of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special.

They don’t usually do this to my stories but – shock, horror – they’ve changed the title! I called it ‘Love You A Hundred’, which is a line spoken by one of the children in the story and they’ve renamed it ‘Ten Times More’…hmm, not sure about that, myself – I think mine’s better – but once a publication has bought your story or article, they can tweak it as they see fit. (They also changed ‘Rennies’ to ‘indigestion tablets’!).

The story before mine has ‘love’ in the title so maybe they didn’t want two stories with similar titles. Anyway, I won’t be losing any sleep over it!

There’s also an article in the magazine about the 2012 Harry Bowling Prize for New Writing (sponsored by Headline Publishing), which is awarded bi-annually to the writer of the best synopsis and first chapter of a novel with an urban theme, entered by a writer who has not yet published a novel for adults.

The next award will be made in March 2012 and the deadline for entries is September 30th 2011.

If you want to find out more about this great opportunity to become a published novelist, click here for more information.

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4 Responses to Story Success & Novel Competition

  1. Snap – I’m in there too (they didn’t change my title na na na!) Sometimes I can see why editors change things and sometimes it leaves me scratching my head – still, I suppose they know their readers and what they like.

  2. Congratulations Helen and Patsy. I don’t think you can put brand names that’s why they’d change the ‘Rennies’ word. I’m hoping one day they’ll take one of my stories and I wouldn’t care if they changed the title. Will buy it one day soon.

  3. Congratulations on another success, Helen!

  4. Lunar Hine says:

    Congratulations Helen and Patsy. Hoping to join you soon :o).

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