What The Dickens?

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Life’s a bit hectic at the moment – particularly at the beginning of each week – hence my tardiness in the blogging department!

I’m working at the ‘day job’ Monday to Wednesday and teaching Creative Writing classes on Monday nights and Wednesday nights – oh, and I’m involved with Well Versed, a poetry-into-schools project, which started last Tuesday.

Thursdays are my ‘flopping’ day!

I’ve recently discovered a new website (and no, I’m not on commission!) that sells great gifts for writers but also – and perhaps more importantly – they run a FREE flash fiction writing competition each month, with goodies from their site as the prize.

The first competition has a closing date of 1st April and the ‘starter phrase’ is ‘What The Dickens?’ * (which is the name of the site).

The winning entry will appear on the site. 250 words max. It’s worth having a go, as a little writing exercise, perhaps? And who knows, you might win! Click here for more info.

*The phrase actually has nothing to do with the writer Charles Dickens but is thought to be a euphemism for ‘devil’ and first appeared in Shakespeare’s ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’.

By the way, Dickens’s last words, as reported in his obituary in The Times, were, allegedly, “Be natural my children. For the writer that is natural has fulfilled all the rules of art.”

I think that’s pretty good advice!

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One Response to What The Dickens?

  1. Mel H says:

    Oo, I didn’t realise they ran a flash writing competition – thanks for this! I bookmarked their details when I saw them on the Write Invite ad and thought the shop looked lovely. I will definitely check out the website again now.

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