Hello! And ..er..goodbye!

A very quick post (no time even for a piccie!) to say I won’t be able to post for a week or so – I will explain all next weekend -so sorry about the ‘silence’ and if you’re in one of my classes and you’ve sent me any homework for comments, I’ll try to come back to you very soon!!

I have been doing lots of writing but of a ‘serious, article-writing nature’ for a university website. Eek – very hard work and I’m not sure it was really worth twelve hours of my time for the paltry sum that I was paid! However, it did show me that, when I put my mind to it (and have a deadline!) I can do tons of (difficult) writing!

I have also been embroiled in a strange and rather amusing correspondence with the National Trust regarding that letter I sent them (see previous blog) but I’ll tell you all about that next time. (I only want a pair of binoculars!)

bye til then!

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