‘Take A Break’ Blues….

I had another rejection from Take A Break today (that’s two in as many days) and I am officially GIVING UP trying to ever sell them a story!

I had reasonably high hopes for this one, as Linda Lewis, whose stories appear regularly in TAB (sometimes under her pen name ‘Catherine Howard’) and who has a short story column in Writers Forum, had kindly given me some valuable (free!) feedback on the story. She’d said I was ‘very close’ – even before I followed her suggestions for improving the story. But I still got a ‘no thank you’.

It’s very hard to keep on trying when you a) don’t know what you did wrong and b) don’t know how close you were! And I know I’m going against my own advice here (ie: don’t take it personally and keep trying!) but I really think I could be spending my time on better things – ie: sending my stories to magazines that do (sometimes) accept them and/or finding other markets.

Hmmh! There, I feel a bit better after that moan!

Anyone out there think they know the ‘key’ to Take A Break success? (and if so, would you like to share it?!)

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6 Responses to ‘Take A Break’ Blues….

  1. The key is perseverence! They get so many subs they must be turning down lots of perfectly good stories, so the chances are you didn’t do anything wrong. At least, that’s what I told myself when I read today’s reject.

  2. Susan Jones says:

    Hi Helen,

    I know that feeling, and I think the same when I get that letter. Thing is, once you’ve had a yes, more will follow. Look at writingallsorts blog, there’s proof that an acceptance will come one day. Mind you, I’ve yet to have a fiction story in a womag. When I get fed up of rejections, I knit a jumper. I have a lot of knitted jumpers:0

    • Susan
      That made me laugh – about the jumpers. (Nice idea for a character who knits whenever things go wrong in her life??). And I took your advice and popped over to WritingAllSorts’ blog which (coincidentally!) was very inspiring – and made me feel a bit of a wimp, as I’m sure I haven’t had as many rejections as Amanda (17) before she hit the big time! Perhaps I won’t give up after all (was also very chuffed to see that I’m a blog that Amanda ‘follows’! Hurrah!). Thanks for cheering me up!

  3. If it’s any consolation I too had a rejection from TAB today. It was a twist story I’d had high hopes for – so now it’s going off to The Weekly News, with fingers crossed.

  4. fromrebecca says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment! But as other people have said, keep trying – you won’t be the only person feeling like this. Keep calm and carry on trying! I hope you do get the break you deserve soon!

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