Poetry: ‘Divine’ Results & Write A Royal Wedding Sonnet!

The results are out for the Divine Poetry Competition – which I mentioned here back in December.

The poems (describing the journey of a cocoa bean), were judged by Meg Rosoff and not only are the winners themselves printed in full on the website, but there are some great videos of the judging process and of Meg reading the poems aloud (great accent!). Worth a listen/look, I think! (WARNING: you will almost certainly want to eat some chocolate!)

Still on the theme of poetry, the Writers Bureau are running a free Royal Wedding sonnet competition (closing date 30th April and you can enter by email, so if you really want to cut it fine, you could wait to be inspired on ‘The Day’ itself, 29th April!). First prize is an on-line poetry writing course.

Sonnets are not the easiest poems to write as they have to adhere to a strict rhythm and rhyming pattern. If you’re going to write a Shakespearean sonnet, in iambic pentameter and all that, then you can read some tips here.

My top tip would be: keep it simple! And good luck!

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2 Responses to Poetry: ‘Divine’ Results & Write A Royal Wedding Sonnet!

  1. Jim Bell says:


    William and Kate, have set the date,
    They’ve chosen, as the day they will marry;
    April 29, for the second in line
    To the throne, (just in front of Harry ).

    For years they’ve been together, and hope that the weather
    Will be kind, on their chosen day;
    Visitors will surely clamour, for the pomp and glamour,
    Even if the skies are cloudy and grey.

    It’s a sure-fire bet, that William’s only regret,
    Is that his mother will not be there;
    She would be so proud, (perhaps hover above the crowd),
    As the moment, they’ll grandly share.

    The multitudes will sing, for their future King,
    And the Lady, who will be his wife;
    May the love they will share, produce a future heir,
    To continue their work, later on through their life.

    • Jim
      This is a great poem but don’t forget that you need to submit it to the competition at Writers Bureau – not me. Email address is on my blog post. And good luck! (I am trying to write one but I don’t know if I’ll get it done in time!) Helen

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