Magazine Madness Part 4: April letters

Here are the magazines I’ve written to this month:

1. House Beautiful (monthly £3.40)
House Beautiful has a letters page (‘Have Your Say’) and readers’ comments are accepted by email, letter or ‘social media’. A typical ‘star letter’ prize is £100 of Fired Earth paint and all other letters get £50 of Fired Earth paint. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m currently decorating and planning a house sale/move, so I’d find that kind of prize useful.

The letters they published in April’s issue referred to items in earlier issues or were just general comments about houses (and what makes them ‘un-beautiful’!). Someone thought that guests should offer to take their shoes off, another reader wished for a timer on showers to turn the water off and get the kids out.

It was too late to comment on April’s issue (June’s is probably out now!) so I sent an email about house-hunting and (from recent experience!) the awful mess some people’s homes are in when they show you round!

If you want to write to House Beautiful, email: or write to: House Beautiful, National Magazine House, 72 Broadwick Street, London W1F 9EP.

You can also ‘chat’ with House Beautiful at Or on Facebook at House Beautiful UK. Although they printed some of their Twitter Feeds and Facebook comments, it’s not clear if you win anything for those (I suspect not).

2. Easy Living (monthly £3.60)

Easy Living only gives a prize for the Star Letter. In May’s edition it was a SPC skincare gift set worth £169. All the letters published on the ‘Your Letters…’ page were comments on articles in earlier issues (and in fact they specifically ask ‘Do you have something to say about one of the articles you’ve read in Easy Living..?’), so if you want to write to them, you will need to (at least!) flick through a copy of the magazine in ‘Smiths!
Or write to: Easy Living, 6-8 Old Bond Street, London WS1 4PH. Mark letters (and presumably emails), ‘For Publication’.

I wrote in response to an article ‘The Invisible Woman’ about becoming invisible as you get older (eek, what a depressing thought). I agreed with it but I also said that if you’re an office ‘temp’ (as I have been, for the first time in my life, for the last 3 weeks), you are also invisible. You are slightly pitied by the permanent members of staff and no-one can be bothered to befriend you, because you’ll soon be gone! Actually, I’m finding it quite liberating! No stress, responsibility or decisions to make (at least, not at work!).

3. All Of You
Lloyds Pharmacy has just brought out this new magazine (free in store). The first issue was ‘Spring 2011’, so it’s probably going to appear four times a year. As it was the first issue, there was no ‘letters page’ but in the editorial they did encourage readers to ‘please drop us a line’, so I emailed them in the hope that they might have a letters page in the next issue and I might be in it! I just said something in praise of their allergy-relieving machines (which are very good!)
Write to: Lloydspharmacy, PO Box 68573 London EC2P 2JL
Or email:

4. Woman’s Weekly (weekly 87p)
Woman’s Weekly pays £25 for Letter of The Week and £10 for all others published on their letters page ‘What You’re Saying’. Write to: The Welcome Section, Woman’s Weekly, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU or email:
There’s also a section on the letters page called ‘All About Me’, (for shy, retiring types!) for which you need to send a photo, your details – including AGE – and complete the following: I love… I hate… I use my computer… I keep healthy by… I laugh…
If they print your answers and photo, you’ll receive a bouquet worth £25.
Don’t forget to include your address and telephone number if you write to them.
Most of the letters in the issue I looked at were referring to articles in previous issues or they were generally praising Woman’s Weekly.

I decided to try to write something about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and managed to link it in with the zillions of bank holidays we’ve had recently – and the fact that we’ll be getting another one in June next year for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations (so don’t throw out your bunting just yet!). Maybe by then I’ll live somewhere that will hold a street party!

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2 Responses to Magazine Madness Part 4: April letters

  1. Susan Jones says:

    Hi Helen,
    Thanks for these. I recently had a letter published in That’s Life. They pay £25.00, and tend to go for funny type stories. Star letter gets £50.00. Think they pay more if a photo is included. It’s worth buying a copy of T.L. to see all the other letter/brief filler opportunities. Will have a go at some of your suggestions.

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