Update on ‘When Winning Isn’t Winning’

As Mel has just pointed out to me, my third-placed story’s no longer on The Author’s blog – in fact all reference to the competition and all the results seem to have been taken off. Whoops! Was that all because of me?! (I hope no-one else is miffed that their story has been removed but they have all been on there for 10 months, which I think is quite long enough!). Anyway, I shall say no more about this whole saga. I think it’s all gone on for long enough!

A little update on my book tokens from the Stratford Literary Festival… it turned out to be £20 worth! Very nice. So I cheered myself up at lunchtime today with a little bit of shopping. One of the books I bought was David Mitchell’s Black Swan Green. I’ve just read his latest novel, ‘The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet’, which was breath-taking. Boy, can that man write!

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