I am Linked-in!

I’ve joined Linkedin! Here. (“The World’s Largest Professional Network”).

As I understand it (and I don’t, much), it’s a bit like Facebook, but more ‘grown up’. No-one, as far as I can see, posts photos of debauched nights dancing on tables on Linkedin or asks you to ‘like’ their ‘wall’ (?!). It’s more about being a ‘professional’ and ‘networking’ and raising one’s profile and – possibly – getting some work! (Which would be good for me as I am currently temping!).

By coincidence, there was an article on Linkedin in this month’s ‘Writing Magazine’ but that’s not the reason I joined. I’ve been writing (yes, I have been actually writing!) some articles for a university website and they suggested that a link to Linkedin, on my profile, would look good. They even arranged for a professional photographer to take some photos.

I am a bit unsure about it all. Will it unleash internet stalkers? Or worse – former friends?! (To be fair, the people who’ve popped up so far have all been lovely former colleagues or students, so, if any of you are reading this – I don’t mean you!). Is my profile a bit ‘naff’? (I think it is actually – it’s a mix of my writing work and my ‘day job’ so it looks a bit of a mish-mash!). It’s hard to know what to put in (school swimming team captain?!) and what to leave out (that I once had a summer job at McDonald’s?).

When I joined, two days ago, I had 3 contacts – ah, bless. But I have invited some more people to join me, so we’ll see. It’s made me add a new category (‘Networking’) to this blog! Next step… Twitter, perhaps?

Are you on Linkedin and have you found it useful? Any tips for a novice…?!

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2 Responses to I am Linked-in!

  1. Susan Jones says:

    Hi Helen,

    Thanks for this,
    will take a look.

  2. Mel H says:

    Well I’m on twitter so perhaps we could swap tips? Although my first tip may well be not to join as it’s become my biggest time waster since I did!
    I am actually on linked in too but I joined ages ago and think my page is just a few facetious answers to sensible questions (i.e job – unpaid skivvy) – I haven’t read the article yet but maybe I should and then update my profile.

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