Holiday Reading!

Holiday reading!

I am going to Spain at 4am tomorrow morning, I haven’t even finished packing yet and here I am – writing to you! Eeek!

Just wanted to show you my holiday reading. Not much for a week, is there? But I’m hoping to do some writing too, so there’s a brand new notebook ready to pop into the suitcase as well.

So I’ll be a bit quiet for a week. I don’t feel too guilty, as I’m leaving you all (in the UK, at least!) with nice, Spanish-style weather. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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6 Responses to Holiday Reading!

  1. Susan Jones says:

    Have a great time Helen.
    Talk when you get back. Enjoy the books and mag.

  2. Started to wish you a good holiday, then realised you’d already left – so I hope you had a great time.

  3. Annette says:

    I hope my comments fit into `possible holiday reading` here but if they don’t – I apologise!

    A few months ago I stumbled across a DH Lawrence book at a Boot Sale and have been more of less hooked on his work ever since. I’ve done about 12 of his stories and just purchased his poetry book off ebay.

    A master of descriptive narrative, I am learning a lot from the way he extracts every ounce of juice out of a scene or situation. That said, some of his stories are a little repetitive but hey! they were written in the 1920’s which sort of gives him some sort of license doesn’t it?

    I adored The Gypsy and the Virgin. Sons and Lovers. Lady Chatterley (I know…decades behind the times me!) and several others of whose titles I’ve forgotten.

    I would be interested to hear if any member has delved into DH L and what your thoughts are concerning his “genius”?

    Kind regards

    Annette x

    • Annette – I read some of Lawrence’s novels years ago (when I was a teenager, I think!) but none of his short stories and not much poetry, to my shame. I really should read more, because I remember really enjoying them!

  4. Annette says:

    Reading volume 2 of his 3 volume series of short stories and I’m still editing along the way! Ugh!! I wish I could just “enter into the joy of it all” and leave the technical stuff alone!! I really encourage anyone with an interest in writing to get a hold of some of this guy’s work….transforming stuff!!

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