Comedy & ‘Death Scene’ Writing Competitions

I thought it was about time I alerted you to some writing competitions and these two have just popped into my inbox from ‘Words With Jam’ writing magazine:

1. They are running a competition for comedy scenes, in any format – script, novel extract, short story, play, or whatever you like. One scene per entry, as many entries as you like.

Prizes: £200 First Prize (plus publication in Words with JAM) and five runners up of £25 each (plus publication on the Words with JAM Blog).

Word Limit: up to 1000, plus 40 word max synopsis to introduce the scenario (optional)

Entry Fee: £5, plus £3 per entry thereafter
Closing Date: 19th August 2011
Winners will be announced in the October 2011 issue of Words with JAM.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to enter

2. WIN a copy of 22 Britannia Road – FREE entry
There are 5 copies of ’22 Britannia Road’ by Amanda Hodgkinson to be won and the topic is ‘Not-yet-famous last words’.

The magazine wants you to tell them how your characters die. “Not so much the cause of death, but their last words or conversations. Funny, moving, clever or just plain good writing, we don’t mind. Do they make a moving declaration to the universe? Tell us. Do they have a final fight with the wife/husband/son/daughter/heir/doctor? Write it down and send it over. Do they spend their last moments in soliloquy about the banality and futile nature of existence? Type it out, email it to us, then go for a drink and cheer up.”

Your entry should be no more than 40 words, sent in the body of an email (ie: no attachments) and emailed to:

Entry Fee: FREE
Closing Date: 5th July 2011

Good luck and let me know if you enter – or if you win!

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1 Response to Comedy & ‘Death Scene’ Writing Competitions

  1. I like the idea of the last words one. If I think of anything, I’ll give it a go.

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