Magazine Madness Part 6: June Letters

Phew, half way through my self-appointed task to write to a different magazine each week and so far, it hasn’t been too bad (although, I must admit, I’m still waiting for the cash and the prizes to start pouring in!)

This month I’ve written to Real People, Reveal, Best and Edition (the John Lewis magazine):

1) Real People (67p weekly)

Real People is one of the many weekly women’s magazines on the shelves, packed with puzzles and ‘real life’ stories.
They pay £25 for any letters published on the letters page (‘It’s All About You!’). In the issue I looked at (Issue 26, dated 7th July), they all seemed to be a funny photograph with a few lines of description, so not really a ‘letter’ as such. If you’ve got any amusing pictures (they don’t even have to be that funny!) – or a picture of you with a celebrity -dig them out!

There is also (hurrah!) a ’60-word fiction’ slot – send them your 60 word (or under) stories and they pay £25 for those that they publish (one in each issue).

Address for sending letters and 60-word fiction is:
Real People, 33 Broadwick Street, London W1F 0DQ or email:
Remember to include your name, address and phone number.
They also pay £25 for a tip with a photo and £15 for a tip without. Send your tip with your ‘full name, address and telephone number, with a detailed subject heading’ to or post to: Tips, Real People, 33 Broadwick Street, London W1F 0DQ.
I sent them a silly photo of me with a ‘gladiator’ outside the Coliseum in Rome – and a 60-word story. Fingers crossed..!

2) Reveal (99p weekly)

Reveal is a young woman’s magazine, full of celebrity news and gossip, fashion and ‘real life stories’. (By the way, how do I know it’s a ‘young woman’s magazine’? Because I’ve checked out the adverts, which are for hair stylers, spot lotion, Superdrug shampoos, bronzing get the idea).

Stories in the latest edition include ‘Not-So-Super Models’ (pictures of so-called beauties without their make-up on!), ‘Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Zara And Mike’ (who are getting married at the end of this month – but you knew that, didn’t you?!) and ‘This Week’s Soap Highlights’. Hmmm.

They do have a letters page (‘Write on!’) and they pay £20 for every letter and ‘lookie likey’ that they publish. For the ‘Lookie-likey’ slot, you have to suggest two celebrities that look like each other and if they pick yours, they print photos of them next to each other… Goodness me, I can’t believe I’m actually writing this!! But hopefully it’s of interest to someone!

Anyway, if you want to write to ‘Reveal’, the email address is: All the published letters were comments on articles in previous issues, so you’ll really need to have a look at the latest copy of the magazine before you put finger to keyboard!

I sent them a ‘Lookie-Likey’ suggestion (no, I’m not going to tell you who it is – you’ll laugh!) and a comment on one of the articles in Issue 26.

3) Best (90p weekly)

Best used to publish a one-page short story per issue and I did manage to get a story in there before they changed the format of the magazine (they paid £200 for it too, making them one of the really good payers!). But, sadly, they have now gone down the familiar route of celebrity gossip, soaps, TV and real life stories.

They have a ‘news and views’ page and pay £50 for the ‘letter of the week’ and £25 for a photo of you with a celebrity. There was only one letter published in the issue I bought (5th July 2011) and that was commenting on an article in a previous issue (are you beginning to see a bit of a trend here…?!)

Email your letters to: or write to: Best Magazine, National Magazine Company, 22 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 0DQ.

4) John Lewis’ ‘Edition’ (quarterly, free in-store)

Edition is full of John Lewis’ products and features but there are also some articles and a letters page ‘Inbox’. The four letters published in the summer 2011 edition were all commenting on earlier issues of the magazine.
Email: or write to: John Lewis Edition, John Brown, 136-142 Bramley Road, London W10 6SR.

In the current (summer) edition of the magazine, the winner of the prize letter received a case of 12 bottles of wine, worth £85. Other letters appear to go ‘unrewarded’ (apart, of course, from the glory of publication!).

I sent them an email commenting on an article in which 3 writers (including my current favourite, David Mitchell), described their memories of British summers past. They really reminded me of some of my own happy summers.

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2 Responses to Magazine Madness Part 6: June Letters

  1. Lots of interesting information here Helen, thanks.

  2. Stephanie Holliday says:

    I have some news from Lysandrapress about submission guidelines but don’t know how to get it to you and its too long to put on here! Sorry – this ‘blog stuff’ is all new to me – is there an email address I can send it to?

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