Did You Have A Secret Wedding? – Writing Opportunity!

Sounds a bit like the title for a chick-lit novel, doesn’t it? Anyway, if you did have a secret wedding (I had a disastrous, very short-lived one, which I wish had been ‘secret’ – but that’s another story!)…then The Guardian wants to hear from you and will pay you £50 if they print your 200 words. You can even stay anonymous. It’s almost worth making up a secret wedding for that kind of money. But that would be a bit naughty, now wouldn’t it…?!

Details are below:

Did you have a secret wedding?Actors Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig married in secret recently. Did you marry in secret too? We’d like to hear from you if you’ve done the same. Tell us in 200 words why and how you did it. State clearly if you want to be anonymous or we will use your name.

Letters should reach us no later than Monday 18 July and be emailed to family@guardian.co.uk, marked Wedding in the subject field.

Entries must include your address and telephone number. If possible, please send a high-resolution photograph of your wedding, as a jpeg or pdf scan. We will pay £50 for each story printed.

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