Not Named – and Ashamed!

I have a few ‘writing successes’ to report (just in case you were wondering whether I actually ever wrote anything!)

I have a story in the charity anthology 100 Stories for Queensland, which was put together to raise funds for the victims of the flooding in Australia. And that reminds me, I do actually still have to buy a copy of it myself! (No freebies if you are donating a story to a charity anthology, but it’s nice to be ‘in print’ and for a worthy cause). Details here, if you’re interested.

I also have a story (‘Summer Snowflakes’) in the current issue of The People’s Friend, under my pseudonym of ‘Harriet Young’. Why do I bother? (‘Sue de Nimes’ would be a good one!). I’m not sure really! My first publishing successes were with PF and I was a) a bit shy and b) thinking that perhaps I’d be moving on to ‘greater things’ … as if there could be! Anyway, I am going to kill Harriet Young off for the next story that PF accepts from me because there’s nothing to be embarrassed about! My Nana used to read People’s Friend and she’d have been soooo proud to see me published in her favourite magazine. If you’d like to write for People’s Friend (they’re one of the few remaining women’s magazines that publish and pay for fiction), then have a look on at the guidelines on the womag blog here.

And finally, Words With Jam has accepted an article I wrote about ‘Delivering a Writing Workshop’ (and which was turned down by both Writers Forum and Writing Magazine). It will be appearing in the October issue. Sending the article to Words with Jam was my ‘plan B’ (always have a ‘Plan B’ when you write something! If ‘Words with Jam’ had turned it down, plan C was to put it here on the blog). I’m not getting paid for it, because ‘Words With Jam’ is a freebie publication and doesn’t – yet – pay any of its contributors. But I’d rather have my work ‘out there’ than sitting, unread, on my memory stick and who knows, if Words with Jam continues to go from strength to strength, it may well turn into a magazine that charges its readership and gains advertising so that it can pay for articles. Hopefully, if that happens, the editor will remember those people who helped them out in the early days!

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6 Responses to Not Named – and Ashamed!

  1. Derek Baker says:

    Keep on trying,never give up.that is what they say about the British.
    One day when you are famous I will be happy to say I know her,she taught me. But hurry up I am getting on!

  2. Stephanie Holliday says:

    Reading about your successes is great. Well done and thanks for putting them on your blog. I go to a writing class which I really enjoy but I’m the only one who seems to be interested in trying to get published or entering competitions, so it’s lovely to have your company.
    I’m new to this (only a year) but have a lot of ‘stuff’ out there in competitions and stories. I’ve had two articles accepted for a travel magazine and have been a runner up three time in the Cazart competitions.
    I’m amazed at this little bit of success!
    I had a go on Saturday at the Write-on competition (write a story in half an hour and submit it between 5.30 and 6.00 on every Saturday). Not a good effort on my part – the deadline unnerved me but I learnt a lot from trying it so I’ll do it again.

    • Stephanie
      I know what you mean – about Write-on. I occasionally (when I remember!) have a go at that too. I even won once but that was a fluke, I think. Usually my mind goes blank and then I manage to drag something out of my brain after about five minutes. Keep all the stories/ideas you submit though, as you may be able to do something with them later. I expanded one of the ideas I submitted for Write-On into a full-length story and managed to sell it to The Weekly News!

  3. Jenny Francis says:

    Well done. I would put my own name just for the thrill of seeing it in print . I also had my childrens story in the same issue I think (will check it out) Nigels Choir. Am going to go and read your story now. Good old Peoples Friend they really are a friendly magazine. Once again well done.

    • Thanks Jenny. I had a quick flick through the current issue but I couldn’t see your children’s story (but that could just be me!). I had an email from PF to let me know it was in this week (so I could buy it , of course, as they don’t send out contributors’ copies any more!

  4. Congratulations on your successes.

    I always use my real name – mostly to avoid confusing myself.

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