Caerleon Writers’ Holiday – Only A Week To Go!

This time next week (all being well!), I’ll be at Caerleon for the annual writers’ holiday – ooh, I’m excited! I wrote about Caerleon earlier this year, so if you’re wondering what it’s all about, have a look here.

My friend Chris and I have been busy compiling our book/literary quiz for the first night. I’ve just got to finish off the picture round and get the 6 bottles of wine which will be the prize for the winning team.

If you’re new to Writers’ Holiday in Caerleon (or even if you’ve been before!) here’s a list of things to take that you might find useful (compiled over the past 3 visits when we were kicking ourselves for forgetting things…!):

• Coat hangers (they only ever give you 2 or 3 in the wardrobe!)
• Your poetry – to read out at the ‘Open Mike’ night
• Your laptop. There’s internet access in all the bedrooms. (Hurrah!)
• Mug/cup (they only have paper cups in the landing kitchens)
• Books – you can display books (your own or other people’s) for sale in the main hall at Caerleon and the organisers will take the money for you. (Some people sell jewellery, clothes and gifts too! Check with the organisers if you want to sell something a bit different).
• A door stopper/wedge. This is vital for propping your door open while you nip into the kitchen or if your pal is in the room opposite and you want to be sociable! The bedrooms all have heavy fire doors that won’t stay open without a sturdy door wedge (and it’s easy to get locked out if the door slams behind you)!
• Wine – or your drink of choice! There are fridges in the rooms (and in the kitchen at the end of each corridor), so you can keep it nice and chilled. Taking your own means you can have a drink in your room or in the kitchen with ‘floor mates’ (it’s like being a student again!) and it also saves a bit of money. (Don’t forget a corkscrew!)
• Milk. The kitchens supply little cartons of UHT but if you like the real stuff, take your own!
• Last-night ‘glad-rags’. Dress code during the week is definitely casual but on the last night, when the lovely boyos from the Cwmbach Male Voice Choir pour in, you might want to get a bit more dolled up! (Love has blossomed in the past on those nights, apparently!)
• Umbrella or waterproof jacket. Caerleon is in Wales. Enough said!

I will be taking my trusty laptop and I hope to be blogging from Caerleon, so even if you’re not going to the holiday, you can share in a bit of the fun and learning!

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3 Responses to Caerleon Writers’ Holiday – Only A Week To Go!

  1. janachantel says:

    Wow, that sounds like so much fun! When is the next one?

    Also, I’ll appreciate it if you checked out my blog it’s about me trying to become a successful published author.

    • Jana
      thanks for stopping by! Caerleon Writers Holiday is every year so the next one will be held in July 2012. I had a look at your blog – it looks good! Good luck with your writing career. Helen

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