Magazine Madness – Success!

Apologies for being so quiet in the last few days but I’ve been up in Scotland and the Lake District, chasing the rain (or so it seemed), while ‘the South’ had all that sun! Aaagh! Never mind, it was lovely – as always – up there, despite the weather.

I have posted off the books to Keith and Ivor this morning (the prizes in the mini saga competition) and I’ve just got time to give you a little update on my ‘Magazine Madness’ project.

Those of you who have been following me for a little while will know that I set myself the challenge of writing to a different magazine each week, for the whole of this year, in an attempt to get into print and, hopefully, to win some lovely prizes.

Nothing much had happened… until NOW! In the last three weeks I have had the star letter in no less than FOUR magazines as follows:

Golf World – I won an electric golf trolley worth £300 for my cheeky letter (which I’m amazed they printed!) about how golfers need to get sexier!
Best magazine – £50 for the star letter about William and Kate’s recent tour of North America
CHAT magazine – £25 for the star letter commenting on an inspirational story in an earlier issue
Buzz magazine (the Sun’s Saturday TV supplement) – a Vodaphone Smartphone worth £75 for a letter about how much I’m enjoying ‘Tonight’s The Night’ (that’s a TV programme presented by John Barrowmann, for those of us sad enough to be in on a Saturday night!) That letter was a bit of a cheat, as I’d already written to Buzz earlier in the year and this was an ‘extra’ one.

I also had a set of (lethal-looking) knives in a jiffy bag courtesy of House Beautiful, who I assume must have printed my letter about viewing people’s houses (and what a mess they sometimes are!) but as I haven’t managed to see a copy of the magazine, I don’t know whether it was a star letter or just an ‘also-ran’. (I assume it was August’s issue – but maybe July’s. Does anyone have a copy and if so, could you check the letter page for me please?!)

But anyway – five wins in just a few weeks, so I’m feeling chuffed and inspired to write more! If that’s inspired you to write some letters of your own, have a look back at the posts listed under ‘Magazine Madness’ and you’ll find details of how to submit.

I’ll be posting again soon about the letters I sent out in July.

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7 Responses to Magazine Madness – Success!

  1. Nice one! Here’s a market I may have to explore. Good luck with the coming month.

  2. I agree with you on this Helen, I’ve had quite a few letters published and had cheques sometimes and had to go hunting for where they’d been printed. I can just see you with that electronic golf buggy, watch out Tiger Woods:) Saga magazine print tons of letters, but only pay for the star letter, but there’s more than one each month. I’m off to take your advice now. Thanks for the post.

  3. Well done! I keep posting about comps I think people should enter yet rarely getting round to having a go myself – you don’t just get on and sub to the places you suggest, you get great results too! I’ll try harder. Or at least, I’ll try to try harder.

  4. Keith Havers says:

    Wow! That’s quite a haul.
    I’d bought that copy of Best for the news on their story competition so I’ve just read your letter. Good point.

  5. Stephanie Holliday says:

    What an inspiration you are. Well done. You’re letters and articles are a good illustration of thinking ‘outside the box’.
    You’ve given me some ideas. I’d never really thought about articles but I’m going to write two: 1.about the things I remember my grandmother telling me about her Victorian childhood. I’m going to start with Best of British Magazine with this.
    2. My grandmothers grandfather Gustave Dore the Victorian illustrator of Dantes Inferno among much else. Her grandmother wasn’t married to him but I’ve done all the genealogy and it appears to be true and not just a family ‘myth’. I’ll try the genealogy mags and possibly appropriate art mags if there are any.
    Thanks again.

  6. womagwriter says:

    Wow, £75 and £375 worth of goods is a pretty good haul for a few letters, well done!

  7. Mel H says:

    That’s great – well done. I am inspired!!

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