Is the Film Ever As Good As The Book? Updated (8pm)

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! (it’s not raining, either! Amazing).

I’m going to see the film ‘One Day’ later and I’m expecting… well, I’m expecting to hate Anne Hathaway as ‘Emma’ and I’m definitely expecting to cry! Well, I blubbed at the book, (rather a lot) and I’ve heard that the film is a weepy, so it’s waterproof mascara and lots of tissues for me!

Is the film adaptation of a book ever as good as the book itself? Actually, I think yes, they can be. Not Harry Potter – the books are a million times better than the films, in my humble opinion – BUT a couple of films that were better than the book, that spring to mind: ‘Chocolat‘ by Joanne Harris (I hated that book but the film, with the delicious Johnny Depp, was actually rather good!) and ‘About A Boy‘ by Nick Hornby. The book’s pretty good but I actually think the film surpassed it, mostly because Hugh Grant was so good in it (I think he just played himself!).

But enough of me rambling on. I’ll let you know later what I thought of ‘One Day’.

8pm: UPDATE! I loved it! Did I totally, 100% believe in Anne Hathaway as a Northern straight-talking, fairly plain ‘lass’… er, no, not completely BUT she was better than I’d expected. And Jim Sturgess as Dexter? One word – PERFECT!

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2 Responses to Is the Film Ever As Good As The Book? Updated (8pm)

  1. Stephanie Holliday says:

    I didn’t think I wanted to see it but now perhaps I do. Films can often disappoint though – I loved the book of The Constant Gardner but was very disappointed in the film.
    Did you see Page Eight with Bill Nighy – I enjoyed it and thought the writing was superb.

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