Guest Crabbit Spot – Nicola Morgan’s Blog

In case you’re not familiar with Nicola Morgan, she’s an award-winning writer, with 90 books under her belt (including ‘Write To Be Published’, which I recently gave away as a competition prize) and she writes a fabulous blog ‘Help! I Need A Publisher!’ under her alter-ego ‘The Crabbit Old Bat’, which is packed with lots of writing tips and good sense. Oh, and did I say that she has literally hundreds of followers on her blog and one of her postings attracted almost 200 comments…?

Aaagh, I could weep, I’m so jealous.

By now you’re probably thinking, well why am I wasting my time reading this ropey old ‘blogaboutwriting’ when there’s this Nicola’s marvellous offering out there in the blogosphere?

Please, go ahead – click on Nicola’s blog! (But please come back at some point). I am urging you to read it – particularly because Nicola has, today, given me my very own ‘Guest Crabbit Spot’(if you’re a regular reader here you’ll have had a sneak preview of this piece a couple of weeks ago, but I have added to it AND it’s already attracted quite a few – although not 200 – comments. Mostly, I am pleased to say, agreeing with me!).

So, I am proud and humbled – and will even forgive Nicola (or her assistant Becky, perhaps?) for spelling my name wrong.

If you’d like to ‘feature’ on Nicola’s blog, she has a few opportunities for you to do so and you can read about them here. No payment involved, but it’s good for your profile!!!

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2 Responses to Guest Crabbit Spot – Nicola Morgan’s Blog

  1. Well done – I saw your post over there but haven’t got round to commenting yet.

    I’m sure Nicola’s blog has been going longer than this ropey old, er, I mean your lovely blog which is why she has attracted more followers and gets more comments. Well, that and her crabbitiness.

  2. Patsy – thanks for your kind and consoling words!! The post where she got 195 comments (eeek!!) was on her blog’s FIRST birthday and I’m only a month and a bit away from that!! But good for her. She’s clearly worked very hard and it’s all paying off!

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