Please… pretty please…!

This is embarrassing.

Something has happened to my WordPress ‘layout’ (for want of a more technical word) and the number of subscribers to this blog is now laid bare, completely naked, for all the world to see [scroll down – it’s on the right] … and it’s only 39.

Next month my blog will be one year old. And it would be nice to get to 50 subscribers by then. It’s not much to ask, is it?

Sooo, if you’d like to ‘subscribe’ and help me with my modest target, just put your email address in the square and press the ‘sign me up’ button! Simples! (And don’t forget to click on the confirmation email you’ll be sent, asking if ‘you’re sure’ – otherwise, nothing will happen!)

6 Reasons Why You Might Like To Do This:

1. It’s FREE! (not much in this world is)
2. You will not be bombarded with junk mail about Viagra or offers to join Readers Digest – I promise!
3. You won’t have to check this blog every day (because you do that, don’t you?) to see if it’s been updated. No! Any new post will simply be emailed to you, as if by magic!
4. If you get fed up, you can always unsubscribe (and I won’t ask why).
5. And (I’ve just thought of this), I will be running a ‘subscribers only’ competition on my blog to celebrate its 1st birthday.
6. It would make me very happy. 🙂

Thank you!! x

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18 Responses to Please… pretty please…!

  1. I follow you on feedly and I bet most of your other readers follow you on some reader or other so you’ve got a load more readers than 39 🙂

    Having said that, I’ll happily sign up anyway – you never know, my reader might implode one day!

  2. Chris says:

    I’m already one of the 39 but this seems like a good moment to say how much I enjoy and appreciate your blog posts. Good luck with hitting your target.

    • Thanks Chris (man or lady Chris? Not that it matters, of course…!) I appreciate that! Strange things are happening. Since that post, just a few minutes ago, 3 kind people have taken pity on me and subscribed BUT my number is still at 39! Can only think that the post also prompted 3 people to unsubscribe! Eeek! That’s what you call ‘backfiring’! Never mind, I shall (word) press on!

  3. Jenny Francis says:

    Hi I think I am one of the 39 ??? as I get this by email from you. I enjoy your blog a lot , one of the better ones. Always interesting.
    Many thanks
    Jenny Francis

    • Jenny – you are indeed ‘one of the 39’ (this is beginning to sound like the Chilean Miners ‘The 33’) – thank you! although I think my number might have just gone up by one or two this morning! Nice to know people are out there, reading the stuff!!

  4. Hi Helen,
    I’m on your list as I’ve got this. Glad you subscribe to my list. Don’t worry about numbers. I once had only three subscribers, and I was one of those. Your blog is great, one of the good ones.

  5. Thanks to Suzy, Julia, Sarah, Helen and Tringyokel, my number has now gone up to 44! Hurrah – that’s much better!

  6. Stephanie Holliday says:

    I second that. I enjoy getting these updates regularly.
    I’ve sent this on to a few people – hope they sign up too.

  7. Helen says:

    This is just a personal opinion, but I think people get too hung up about numbers. I’ve come across loads of blogs who display hundreds or even thousands of followers, yet I would bet only a fraction of those people read the posts on anything like a regular basis.

    If I find a blog I like (like yours, obviously), I tend to just pop it into my Google reader and keep up with it from there. For me, it’s easier to manage than an e-mail subscription. I think the important thing is being read and getting at least some comments, rather than just showing high numbers of ‘followers’. While I’m happy for people to follow my blog, I don’t display followers on my main page, as I’m not sure of the point (and to be honest, I’m just not that into popularity contests). I know not everyone agrees though – as I say it’s just a personal preference. 🙂

    • Helen

      Thanks for your comment – I’m sure you’re right (and I didn’t intentionally display my subscriber total – it just appeared one day and was shamefully small!!). All I’d say is, when someone subscribes to the blog (and blogging, as I’m sure you know, can be a bit lonely!) it’s like an endorsement and gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. It’s also a way of measuring ‘progress’. If I really thought no-one was reading my blog, I don’t think I’d be very motivated to carry on with it. Knowing that (now) 45 people are getting sent what I’ve written – even if only half of them read it and only one or two comment – justifies the time I’ve spent on it (when I should really have been doing something else!!)


      • Helen says:

        Hi Helen,

        I know what you mean about blogging being a lonely business. The point I made about the followers widget display thing (to give it its technical name) mainly relates to Blogger, not Word Press. I suppose I was just trying to say there are more ways of following a blog than subscribing via e-mail. I don’t think you should take the number of subscribers as a reflection of its readers, that’s all.

  8. Alice says:

    Hi Helen,
    Like Helen above, I quite like checking my favourite blogs to see if there’s been any updates. It gives me something to look forward to in my lunch break at work!! (That sounds a bit sad…oh well!)

    However, I will sign up as I want to support you (and I also want to join in with the competition!)

  9. Derek Baker says:

    I cannot think what I am doing replying to your blog whilst on holiday in Lanzarote.I think you are hot– your blogs I mean,like the temperature here.I am sure I must be signed up already,if not then I am no. 40. I wish I could be again!

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