There Is Good News! (and a little bit of bad…)

Firstly, I now have 51 subscribers – so thank you to all of you who took heed (or pity!) and read my last post. I am delighted to have reached my ‘target’ a good month ahead of schedule!

Some of you may remember that I’ve been chasing up a prize for the past 12 months. (I was third in a short story competition on a writer’s blog and she – or rather, it would seem, her publishers – were dragging their heels about sending me my paltry £25 of books).

Finally, I have got them (but only on Saturday, so that took over a year) and I have chosen: the wonderful Kate Atkinson’s ‘When Will There Be Good News’ and ‘Started Early, Took My Dog’ (brilliant titles!) and ahem… the Andy Murray autobiography but that’s not for me, so that’s OK.

Other good news (I think!).. my writing class in Knowle starts again tonight (in fact I have to leave the house in one hour so I’d better get my stuff together). The college I work for likes to keep names and numbers a secret from me until the ‘witching hour’, so I don’t have a clue who’s turning up (if anyone!), how many chairs to put out or how much photocopying to do. Never mind, it all adds to the excitement.

And finally, the little bit of bad news… I got a ‘rejection’ today from Woman’s Weekly. It hurt especially because I thought this was a good story (my writing buddy Sally, who does not mince her words if she thinks something’s not working – and quite right too – said she ‘loved’ it and thought WW would ‘bite my hand off’) but NO, they said it was ‘not subtle enough’ and ‘didn’t have enough surprises’. Aaagh! Just when I thought I knew what they were looking for, it’s back to the drawing board…!

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14 Responses to There Is Good News! (and a little bit of bad…)

  1. Keith Havers says:

    Glad to have helped with the subscribers. Pity had nothing to do with it.
    As regards the WW submission, it’s all subjective opinion isn’t it? I’m sure your instincts about the story are reliable and so maybe you can send it somewhere else.

  2. Cath Barton says:

    I echo everything Keith said…

  3. Hi Helen,
    Send that story straight back out again. How about Take a Break or Yours? Funny how just when you think you’ve got it all stitched up, that happens. Good luck with the class, I’m sure you’ll have a room full.

    • Susan thanks for the encouragement – that did cheer me up! I will get it straight back out there, you’re right! Maybe not a TAB story but Yours might like it – I’ll have to ‘gen up’ on the guidelines ands I’ve never submitted to Yours before. Thanks again! PS: class went well tonight!

  4. Alice says:

    Hope you enjoy the novels. I read ‘Started Early…’ on holiday recently and couldn’t put it down. Kate Atkinson is such a clever and wonderful writer (and provides excellent examples of how to successfully shift points of view!)
    And yes, I agree with everyone else, that story will find a home somewhere!

    • Thanks Alice – yes, I am determined to get that story into print one day! Will keep you posted. Glad you like Kate Atkinson too. If I was granted a wish, to write like any writer, I think it would be her. I’ve already started ‘When Will There Be Good News’ and I’m loving it. Getting the train to London tomorrow so lots of time to read it! Can’t wait. Nite nite!

  5. Heather says:

    It’s painful getting rejections. I never get used to it. Just found out I didn’t even get a highly commended in one poetry comp I entered, even though I had high hopes for the poem. I go through an array of emotions, anger, disappointment, ‘I’m not good enough and should give up’ syndrome. Then I calm down and start writing again.
    I’ve just read one of your stories in Woman’s Weekly so am surprised they haven’t taken another of yours. I like your stories so keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Heather. I think the old confidence definitely takes a knock when you get a rejection but you just have to keep going – and try to remember how good it felt when you had an acceptance or win in a competition. If you believe in that poem, get it off to another competition – it’s only the judge’s point of view, after all!! Good luck

  6. If it’s any consolation the same thing has just happened to me – WW have rejected a story I was sure they’d like. Oh well – guess we both just have to write another, even better, story for them.

    • Oh bad luck Patsy. I think WW are getting very ‘particular’ about what they take. They seem to want lots of ‘surprises’ (!?). I’m wondering whether to have someone jumping out of a cake in the next story… (only joking.. hmm, or maybe not…!)

      Onto the next one, eh?!

  7. Great news that you finally got your books. What a pity that it took so long.
    I’ll look forward to reading the post where you tell us this story has sold 🙂

  8. Pisith says:

    Look forward for your story, and feel sorry about that.

  9. Jenny Francis says:

    Hi not sure if its me but the last two post received have been blank. This has been the last one I have been able to read? Help

  10. Jenny
    Really sorry to hear that but I’m not sure what to suggest. No-one else (I think?) has had that problem – or at least, no-one’s told me that they have. I’ll see what I can find out.

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