Today Is One-Derful!

Today is not only Armistice Day and fellow blogger Nicola Morgan’s 50th birthday BUT it’s also a palindrome (11/11/11 – it reads the same backwards as forwards) and a date like that only occurs on one day every hundred years apparently. I can’t quite get my head round that but then, numbers are not my strong point!

According to the numerologists out there, today is supposed to be a ‘passionate and inspirational’ date but I’m afraid I’m not feeling at all passionate or inspired today! So excuse this post if it’s a bit ‘all over the place’.

If you’re having a day like mine, when your ‘muse’ has packed its bags and gone away for a mini-break, I don’t see much point in trying to force it. I gave up trying to write anything a couple of hours ago and I’ve resorted to ironing and changing the bed clothes. (But ironically, of course, I am now writing something – this!).

I wonder if that’s what happened to Q.R Markham, the now infamous American author of ‘Assassin of Secrets’? Was he perhaps just having a bad day, when he did what he did? His book has just been recalled from booksellers by his publishers because – as they discovered ‘from an anonymous source’ – it contains whole passages and lines plagiarised from other novels. (Ouch!)

Perhaps his muse had gone walkabout and he just couldn’t think how to move forward with his novel, so he flicked through a few other classic and contemporary spy novels for inspiration – and ended up copying directly from them!? It’s amazing that no one at the publishers spotted it (there are whole passages lifted from James Bond, for example), but even more amazing, is how the writer thought he’d ever get away with it! (Hmm, and wouldn’t you love to know who the ‘anonymous source’ was? There’s a whole story in that!)
Read more about it here.

And finally, a little (self-indulgent) ‘Haiku moment’:

We’ve been house-hunting recently and we’ve – at last – found a place we like, in a perfect village (with 2 pubs!). We viewed it for the second time time last night and the result is… well, I’ve written it as a Haiku*. See below….

First offer declined
Hope dies, falls like autumn leaves
Waiting game begins.

*A Haiku, as I’m sure you know, is an ancient Japanese poetry form. When they’re written in English, received wisdom is that they should be written on 3 lines, with 17 syllables (5,7,5) and they should contain a ‘kigo’ – a seasonal word. They’re fun! And, best of all, they don’t take long to write!

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4 Responses to Today Is One-Derful!

  1. Maggie May says:

    Shoppers bowed their heads
    In honour of the brave dead
    This November day

    I didn’t know that the Haiku had to include a seasonal word, so hope ‘November’ will do.

  2. Tracy Fells says:

    Loved the haiku – these can be quite addictive and a great way to sum up an event or experience.

  3. Prue says:

    Good gracious, that must have been an expensive thing for the publisher to do. How on earth did the guy ever suppose he’d get away with it?

    Moving is stressful,
    Whatever season, it sucks!
    Glad you’ve found somewhere 🙂

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