Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize

On the subject of writing competitions (as we were – see last post), the good news is that I’ve discovered a FREE short story competition. It’s organised by Commonwealth Writers. It’s open to anyone from the Commonwealth (that’s almost a third of the world’s population, by the way!), with a first prize of a very tasty £5000 and ‘regional winners’ prizes of £1000.

The bad news is, the closing date is soon! 30th November, to be precise (that’s next Wednesday!). Sorreee. But you can send your entry by email and if you have something that you think might tickle the judges’ tastebuds, why not send it off? You’ve got nothing to lose. You keep the copyright in the story, there’s no entry fee and it won’t even cost you a stamp to send.

In my class last night, coincidentally, we were looking at ‘layout’ of stories and manuscripts and the importance of reading competition rules – and the judges for this competition are very clear on what they want:

Entries must be written in English, between 2,000-5,000 words and submitted in Ariel 12 point font, with double line spacing. The first page should include the name of the story and the number of words. The author’s details should be included on the entry form but should not appear anywhere on the uploaded document (ie: the story). It must be a story intended for adults (ie: not children) and there are no theme or genre restrictions.

So there you go – what are you waiting for?

Well, actually, you could read the stories that won last year (or further back – they’re all here) – or you can listen to them from the website – to give you some idea of the likely standard and also (possibly) the kind of thing that might win this time.

I’ve read and listened to three of the winners from last year. They were short! (They must have changed the rules). They’re good. But they’re not that good…..

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