It Feels Like Christmas..!

I’ve had a good day today.

The latest issue of Writing magazine (yep, that’s January 2012!) popped through my letter box and there were two of my articles in it; then Woman’s Weekly emailed me to accept a story and while I was desperately flicking through magazines in Tesco’s (as you do), I was pleased to spot my letter about the hilarious last episode of Downton Abbey in ‘What’s On TV’ (only £10 but that’ll buy a few mince pies).

If every day were like this, trying to earn a crust as a writer would be a doddle. But believe me, days like this are few and far between and therefore I feel fully justified in boasting/celebrating.

I’d like to say I’ve got a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge but I haven’t even GOT a fridge at the moment! It died overnight a couple of days ago and I woke up to defrosted food and water all over the kitchen floor. So, all that money I’ve just earned will be going on a new fridge-freezer and I need to try to sort that out tomorrow. Not very exciting really, is it?

Something that is a bit more exciting, is the thought of Christmas and a couple of FREE ghost story competitions. Ghost stories are a great Christmas tradition, after all. Think of Dickens’ novella ‘A Christmas Carol’ which has got to be one of the best of all. You can read the whole thing here (slightly condensed), if you’re so inclined.

Ghost Story Competitions

So, onto the competitions….

Back in October, Daniel Radcliffe launched ‘The Woman In Black Ghost Story Competition’ on YouTube, to celebrate the release of The Woman in Black film in the UK in February 2012 and you’ve still got until 20th December to enter.

There’s a bit of a twist to this competition – you have to record yourself reading your story (I suggest dim lighting and a few candles for maximum effect!) and then upload it onto the YouTube website here.

The winning entry will be recorded by Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe himself and included on The Woman In Black DVD and the winner will win a trip to London to attend the premiere of The Woman in Black in January 2012. Ooh, chance for a new frock!

I’d frighten myself just trying to write a ghost story, so you’ve got no competition from me! Good luck if you decide to have a go.

I ‘unearthed’ (!) another ghost story competition on the Spinetinglers website here

Christmas must be a central theme of your story (you’ve got up to 5,500 words to play with) and you must include something ‘supernatural’. First prize is £100 and there are other prizes for runners-up.

You can submit your stories through the site or email them as an attachment to Put ‘Christmas Ghost Story Competition’ as the subject heading of your email. Closing date is midnight on December 16th 2011.

Because it wasn’t completely clear on the site, I checked with the organisers and they’ve confirmed that:

1) You don’t have to register with the site to submit an entry
2) There’s no entry fee (for this – or any of the monthly competitions that they run)
3) There’s no limit on the number of entries an author can submit

Eek – my lights just flashed on and off! Time to go….

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2 Responses to It Feels Like Christmas..!

  1. Well done Helen on all these acceptances, all in one day. I send to TV Choice often. They always reply, very polite. Your lights just flashed on and off?

  2. Alice says:

    Yes, well done on those acceptances, Helen-fantastic.

    Thank you for all this info. I’d love to have a go at the Dan Radcliffe one, though sadly I HATE seeing myself on video! I have to listen to my recorded voice on a couple of DVDs I’m making for my work and I cringe everytime. I’m quite softly spoken and when I hear my voice back I sound like a six year old!!
    Maybe I’ll have a go at the other one where I can stay safely behind my lap top!

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