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What’s Your ‘Book of The Year’?

As we reach the last day of the year, I thought I’d include these lovely lines from ‘Promise’ by Jackie Kay, which I must admit, I saw on Bel Mooney’s page in the Mail today, so it’s not entirely my … Continue reading

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And So That Was Christmas…

Hello! Did you all have a good Christmas? Commiserations if you’re back at work but at least you’re earning some money! (I had my credit card bill in the post this morning and I’m still reeling from the shock…. !) … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas To You!

I bet you thought I’d cleared off for Christmas and forgotten all about you! Nooo! I am still here and there’s just time to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a not-too-hectic day tomorrow! Today I have visited … Continue reading

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Literary Christmas TV

Does anyone else feel like Christmas has already been and gone? I must have been eating too much and wrapping too many presents because I’m in a strange kind of time-warp! (What day is it again?). A lethargy has descended, … Continue reading

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You Can’t Please All The People…

Last Monday (a week ago today, in fact), I gave a talk to a ‘Ladies Luncheon Club’. (Yes, such things do still exist – even in the Midlands!) It was their Christmas ‘do’, so I wasn’t too worried. I assumed … Continue reading

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Close – but no cigar!

The winner of the Best short story competition (which I told you about earlier in the year – here), has been announced. It’s Brenda Reid with her story ‘Everything Included’, which is printed in this week’s bumper issue of Best … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale…

Once upon a time there was a writer – we’ll call her ‘Hatty’* who had a brilliant idea: she would go to the local university library for the day, armed with her laptop, a flask of coffee and a pack … Continue reading

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It’s Good To Talk…

Sometimes, to quote that old BT advert, ‘it’s good to talk’. As writers, we can’t sit in front of a PC all day, can we? Getting away from the keyboard and talking (about writing, of course!) is good for us! … Continue reading

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Magazine Madness Part 11: November

In November I wrote to: Pick Me Up! ‘What’s On TV’, Writers Forum, Grazia and Dog’s Monthly. Yes – I wrote to 5 this month instead of my usual 4 – because I suddenly realised that 4 x 12 is … Continue reading

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Anyone Else Have Piles…?

You may remember, because I’ve mentioned this before, scattered around my house I have what my ex used to call ‘piles of cr*p’. Here’s one: Here’s another: Of course, they aren’t cr*p – they are important papers (erm, and a … Continue reading

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