Anyone Else Have Piles…?

You may remember, because I’ve mentioned this before, scattered around my house I have what my ex used to call ‘piles of cr*p’.

Here’s one:

Here’s another:

Of course, they aren’t cr*p – they are important papers (erm, and a bag..) and magazines that I still have to file, read or “do something with” and until they have a home – or end up in the bin – they form part of a pile.

Does anyone else have them?!

Oops, here’s another one:

I am off to London for a girlie weekend – very exciting – but on my return I’m hoping that my subscriber total will have reached 100! (It did a couple of days ago but I think I scared the poor chappie off by emailing him and telling him he was Number One Hundred. He disappeared into the ether and, as you will see if you look on my stats on the bottom right… I’m still on 99. Shame).

Have a good weekend and wrap up warm – it’s gone all chilly, hasn’t it?!

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13 Responses to Anyone Else Have Piles…?

  1. Yes – I can identify with those piles! Looks very similar to what’s around my house. I’m always picking up leaflets, free magazines etc – anything that I think might be vaguely useful. It usually all ends up in the bin eventually…

  2. Sandra says:

    Piles – don’t mention them! We’re going away for Christmas and have some friends who will call in to check on the house from time to time. So obviously it needs to be cleaned from top to bottom, personal stuff tidied away, and I’ve spent all morning clearing … piles. Correspondence, mags, stuff churned out by the printer and long since forgotten, files we’ve been searching for that didn’t get put back in the cabinet. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. When I sort the piles I either get fewer larger piles or more smaller piles. The total volume never goes down only up! My Outlook inbox is the same.

  4. Hi Helen,
    I have piles of piles, all important stuff. Even old magazines have things I need. I usually end up ripping and filing knitting patterns, articles, recipes etc. Boring people have no piles. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Prue says:

    I’m in constant battle against them.

  6. Enjoy your weekend. I’m still laughing about your comments about the bloke you scared off. I just checked your followers – Mmmm he didn’t return! Never mind, he may be back and if not, someone else will make the 100! 🙂

  7. Alice says:

    Yes, I’m a serial piler too 🙂 I buy every fiction special, plus Writing and Writer’s Forum magazines and I have subscriptions with Debut Magazine and The Yellow Room, so what with trying to write stories, read novels, work full time and do the odd bit of house work, I tend to develop a back log!! I should probably be more strict with myself but I’m just so worried I’ll miss something really important!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Yes, I have piles too! I usually find Bank Holidays and the odd weekend a time to go through them but funnily enough I had a go at my magazine and letters pile yesterday while listening to some classical Christmas music (it calmed me down and I got through a lot!). I try to keep on top of it for a while and then slip until the pile is literally slipping! But it feels so good when at last you see the pile to throw growing bigger than the pile to keep! Have a good weekend away.

  9. Ahh, thanks for all your kind messages – it’s good to know I am not alone! (re piles). As you may have spotted… my subscribers number has crept up again to 100.. it’s a different chappie and I’m going to go for a more ‘softy softly’ approach this time, in the hope of not scaring him off! I’m back from London – tired but happy. Will post about it soon! bye for now! x

  10. Kat says:

    I have piles! Kids’ papers. Work things. Volunteer stuff. Magazines. They’re primarily in the kitchen, but since I don’t like to discriminate there are also several scattered throughout the living room and family room. I’ll get to them. Really I will. Thanks for sharing your piles.

  11. Guilty too. I’ve been fighting the accumulated paper piles (including bills and statements going back 12 years) for about a year now, and I’m still not done. As soon as I deal with one pile, another one grows somewhere else – but they’re getting smaller! So you’re not alone.


    • That’s good to know Monica, thank you, I feel better! I did manage to ‘clear’ one the other day (which had inexplicably ‘grown’ on the kitchen floor!). It consisted mostly of magazines, which I’d finished with but didn’t want to waste by not passing them on – but in the end I just had to put them in the recycling bin!

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