It’s Good To Talk…

My new fridge freezer!

Sometimes, to quote that old BT advert, ‘it’s good to talk’. As writers, we can’t sit in front of a PC all day, can we? Getting away from the keyboard and talking (about writing, of course!) is good for us!

Today I’ve talked to: my writing buddy, Sally, over a couple of coffees and, ahem, for a couple of hours (but we have planned our writing activities for the first quarter of next year!) and I’ve also had phone conversations with the director of The Writers Bureau, a recruitment agency about a job interview and the editor of Best magazine.

It’s been quite a surreal day. And, no, I’m not going to tell you the content of those various conversations! All will be revealed…

If you’re thinking ahead to 2012 – as Sally and I were this morning – then you might want to consider joining a writing class or group from next year.

I’ll be running THREE groups for Solihull College from January – on Monday nights, Wednesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, so if you live in or around North Warwickshire or Solihull, drop me a line on and I’ll let you have some more information.

And on the subject of writing classes, highly-regarded Birmingham publishers, Tindal Street Press, have just launched a new Creative Writing programme and details of their ‘Masterclasses’, starting in January, are here. (It doesn’t say how much they cost though!). I suspect it will be more than Solihull college will charge you for joining one of my groups, but I must say they do look very professional and they’ve got some great ‘guest writers’ lined up.

But don’t despair if none of this is relevant to you because there IS something on the Tindal St Press website which I can recommend to anyone who writes short stories – and wants to improve! (My hand’s just gone up). They’ve kindly attached 10 articles, by published writers, on different aspects of short story writing, which you can download. I’ve read all of them and they’re inspiring, so have a look here.

And finally, I know you’ve been wondering… my new fridge-freezer arrived today! I attach a picture of it, in all its naked glory, before I decorate it with loads of naff fridge magnets. It cannot be switched on for 8 hours, to let it ‘rest’ after its journey. The gases have to settle apparently. Bless. So, for now, all my food is still out on the patio. (And my mum is convinced I’m going to get rats…!)

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11 Responses to It’s Good To Talk…

  1. Prue says:

    Oooh! What a whopper!
    Hope it serves you well. Um…did you know it’s snowing in your kitchen? 😀
    If those rats have any sense, they’ll be huddled up somewhere warm – which definitely won’t be on your patio.
    *lol* just realised the snow is on the whole of the screen – my av has snow falling past the palm trees. How cool is that? 😀

    • Prue – the camera lies – it’s not actually as big as it looks in that picture! And yes, that snow has just appeared! Last year WordPress gave me the option to have snow on my blog in December and, without me doing anything, it’s just appeared again this year! But I rather like it – as long as it just stays on the screen and doesn’t snow for real! Not yet, anyway! I don’t mind if it snows – a bit – over Christmas though!

  2. We all want to improve, don’t we?

  3. Patsy – YES! I think that’s one of the great – and also one of the most frustrating – things about writing: we can always improve!

  4. Jenny Francis says:

    Hi nice fridge freezer. Hope the rats didn`t come . We had them in the garden a few years ago. I hate rats. Best/editor ??? short story comp they have just run?????????? I know you would not be able to say but am I making 2+2 = 4 or 5? Thanks for all the info you send around. Aquick question how do I change my email address so you send to my writing only one, if you know what I mean?
    Wet and windy down here in the south, not a snow flake to be seen.

    • Jenny… hmm, not sure about the email address thing but I suppose you could cancel/delete your subscription against the original email address and re-subscribe with the email address that you want the posts to come to? Let me know if you manage to do that!

      Not as cold here today either as I’d expected but it is very windy!


  5. Jenny Francis says:

    Well I cancelled one and resubmitted again . Lets hope it works

  6. Hi Helen,
    A few posts ago, you were telling us how bad Writer’s Bureau were, did he see them? Or has he offered you a job as publicity magager? I know you’ll tell us soon. I’m thinking about making a plan for 2012. Basically write more.

    • Whoops! Yes I did make a bit of a ‘faux pas’ there! I didn’t say WB were ‘bad’ – I just said they were a bit naughty to award a competition prize to someone who had clearly broken the rules! Especially as they are experts in the field! But anyway, I clearly didn’t blot my copybook too badly as they are still talking to me at the WB! And very nice people they are too, of course! 

  7. Hi Helen
    I’m really excited about the wednesday afternoon course, I think I’ll be able to make that one. Thank you for the info on the Tindall Street Press course. I’ve just checked and they’ve published the prices now – £400 for ten weeks.

    So hopefully I should see you in January. Monica

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