Friday 13th Spookiness…!

Oooh, spooky – Friday 13th! (And there are 2 more to come, this year, apparently!). Did anything weird happen to you?

I don’t really believe in all that ‘unlucky day’ stuff but I walked into town this morning and the first thing I noticed was that the library was in darkness and appeared to be shut. Odd.

Then I tried to go into the bank and the woman behind the glass front doors yelled at me, “We can’t open up – there’s been a power cut!” And so there had. Along the whole street. I couldn’t get any money out of the cash point but then, I couldn’t go into a shop to buy anything anyway! They’d all had to close. Electric doors weren’t working, tills weren’t working, credit card machines were all dead.

When I got home, empty-handed, I couldn’t go on the internet, or iron or hoover, use my phone or watch the tele’. You forget how reliant we are on electricity, don’t you? What on earth must it have been like without it?!

Anyway, all got restored within about an hour, so it wasn’t too bad. But how odd that it happened on Friday 13th!

On the writing front, I’m a ‘guest blogger’ on the Writers Bureau blog here (if you fancy doing that, just get in touch with them – they are always looking for more!)

I’ve also had a letter from People’s Friend: they will accept a story I sent them if I make a couple of changes (to make it a bit less ‘nasty’. People’s Friend like everything to be nice and gentle, don’t they, bless?).

And today I had an email from ‘Home Building and Renovating’ to tell me they’re going to print my letter. Which means I’ll win a year’s subscription to the magazine. Which would have been great, if we were still buying the house that needed all the work…! Ah well, never mind. It might still come in handy.

And finally – a resolution. Nothing to do with writing, this one. I’ve decided not to ice the Christmas cake I made the other day. Because I don’t have time and also because I’ve remembered I don’t really like marzipan or icing! Doh! So I had my first slice of what is now a ‘fruit cake’ rather than a Christmas cake. Verdict: Delicious – even if I do say so myself!

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5 Responses to Friday 13th Spookiness…!

  1. Well done with the People’s Friend story, hope to see it soon. Will pop over and have a look at W.B. Cake looks good too. I think you’re turning into superwoman.

  2. I don’t really believe in the superstition surrounding Friday 13th, but you have made me wonder now, lol. Congrats on your writing acceptances. 🙂

  3. Prue says:

    Isn’t it weird how quiet the house is during a power cut? Personally I don’t go in for superstitions – except for the not walking under ladders one but that’s only from purely practical reasons. If the ladder falls and you’re underneath…you get the idea.

    That cake looks very nice! It would have been a shame to sully it with a sweet covering. Enjoy 🙂

  4. Like you I’m not superstitious about Friday 13th, However, when I went out shopping in the afternoon Lidl was shut due to a……power cut!

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