Time Is Running Out…

The library at Lumb Bank (Arvon's centre in Yorkshire. Eee bah gum).

..to do my tax return, but that’s another story. I just used that as the title to remind me to DO IT! (Otherwise Moira Stewart will be knocking on my door with a £100 fine. Eeek).

I’ve written about Arvon courses before (here) but as this year’s brochure has just popped through my letter box (*sighs and wishes she could go on them all*) and they’re running another competition to win a place on an Arvon course, I thought I’d give them another mention.

For this year’s competition you have to create your own ‘word artwork’ (so, it could be a poem in fridge magnets or a collage of words from a newspaper, a photo of words in the sand… you get the idea. The more imaginative, the better!).

Then you have to submit a digital image of the artwork to http://www.arvonfoundation.org/wordartcompetition by 18th May 2012.

Both the writing and the artwork will be judged and entry is free, although they do encourage you to make a donation to support Arvon’s charitable work. There are more details here.

As this is not as straight forward as a ‘simple’ writing competition, I think they’ll have less entries (come on, admit it, you lost interest a little bit when you read ‘you have to submit a digital image…’ ! I know I did). BUT If you thought ‘GREAT!’ and you’re already bursting with ideas, then get moving on it because you’ve got a very good chance of scooping that fabulous prize – worth over £600!

Right, enough procrastinating. Tax return, here I come…!

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4 Responses to Time Is Running Out…

  1. Graham Hawes says:

    If it makes you feel any better I still have about thirty tax returns on the go. And that darned clock seems to tick louder as the month ages.

    That looks like a good competition. I like to think the “value” of a competition is a function of both the prize and the number of likely entries. So I should have a chance in this one – except I don’t think in pictures very well.

  2. Graham – I am mystified as to how you have got so many tax returns on the go?! You must be a man of great wealth, is all I can think! Anyway, good luck with them all. I did mine today. Like most things in life, once I got down to it and stopped procrastinating, it wasn’t too bad! And I feel relieved that it’s done for another year! In fact, I am sooo happy, I’m going to run a little give-away on this blog very soon!

  3. juliathorley says:

    Helen, I’ve just spent a couple of hours grubbing around on the floor trying to create something for the Arvon word art competition. What an interesting exercise. As someone who reckons to have no artistic inclinations at all, this has been really challenging. Don’t suppose for a moment I’ll win, but I feel quite pleased that I actually managed to finish something pictorial!

    • Good for you Julia – a lot of people will have been put off by the effort required for that competition (including me!) so that should cut down the number of entries a bit! Good luck!


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