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Some Poetry

As you know, I like to follow up the results of competitions that I enter and… er, don’t win. It’s a little hobby of mine. I entered the Alan Sillitoe poetry competition back in January and managed to track down … Continue reading

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A Taxing Time for Writers…

I always thought that any money won from writing competitions wasn’t taxable – you too? After all, lottery winnings aren’t taxed. But, according to the Writers Bureau – and other sources that I’ve since checked, “if you earn enough to … Continue reading

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Get Your Crime Novel Published

Look at that title! It’s not a promise, of course, but if you’ve written part or all of a crime novel (and this prize is so good that I’m seriously thinking of starting one – today!) then you might be … Continue reading

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Birmingham Book Festival – Short Story Competition Winners

I’ve been reading the winning stories from the Birmingham Book Festival’s short story competition. The theme was ‘Clocks’ and this was another of those competitions that I had every intention of entering but then… well, I ran out of time. … Continue reading

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World Poetry Day – 21st March

It’s World Poetry Day today – but of course, you knew that, didn’t you? I must admit – to my shame – that I’ve only just found out. They should publicise these things better! World Poetry Day was established by … Continue reading

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Magazine Madness Round-Up

I’ve finally made it into ‘Take A Break’! OK, so it’s only a letter (in this week’s issue), not a story, BUT they pay £75 for letters (and £100 for the star letter), which is as much as ‘The People’s … Continue reading

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Some Colourful Competitions…

I’ve managed to find myself a good estate agent (I wish I was writing ‘agent’ there, as in ‘agent for the novel I’ve just written’ but no, it’s definitely an estate agent). Within two days of putting my house on … Continue reading

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Saved – by a Bounty!

Don’t worry – this blog is not turning into a “choco-blog” (although, actually, that’s not a bad idea…) but I just wanted to let you know that, since yesterday, I’ve cheered up! Firstly, I had an email this morning from … Continue reading

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Saved – by Maltesers!

I miss work! There, I’ve said it. Of course, I don’t miss the horrible bits: getting up early, boring meetings, mad bosses and all that. But I do miss the banter, the people, the ‘right, who wants a cup of … Continue reading

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Right-on, Brighton!

We’ve just got back from an overnight stay in Brighton (but it didn’t look like this – in fact, it rained all day today!) Never mind, it gave us a great excuse to drift from cafe, to pub to tea … Continue reading

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