Right-on, Brighton!

photo courtesy of http://www.Brighton-net.com

We’ve just got back from an overnight stay in Brighton (but it didn’t look like this – in fact, it rained all day today!)

Never mind, it gave us a great excuse to drift from cafe, to pub to tea shop… and there are certainly plenty of those in Brighton.

We went to a comedy club last night and it was SCARY because, against my better judgement, we ended up sitting on the very front row (you know how they pick on you, when you’re on the front row?!). I was quaking in my boots. When the compere asked the man on the table next to ours (who was a Geordie), what he did for a living, he said “I make paper” to which the compere replied, “That’s a good, solid Northern job, mate! You make the paper for the poets in the South to write on…” [*cue laughter and jeering from the audience*]. Eeek – what was I going to say if he asked me what I did for a living? I was desperately trying to think of something that had nothing to do with writing!

Anyway, one of our party did get picked on, bless him but I managed to escape. I am NEVER sitting at the front again. I aged about ten years!

Last time I was in Brighton I saw author Ken Follett in our hotel! It was very exciting! But, despite looking very hard, I didn’t see any celebrities this time. But, I did spot that Waterstones in Brighton holds FREE Creative Writing workshops once a month, so if you live down there (lucky you!), what are you waiting for…?!

Despite the horrible weather, a little drop of Aussie sunshine dropped through my letter box on Saturday morning, just as we were leaving for the cold South. Diane Fordham, who won the copy of ‘The Positively Productive Writer’ that I gave away recently, offered to send me the latest issue of the Australian magazine ‘That’s Life Fast Fiction‘ and it arrived yesterday. I’ve submitted a few stories to them in the past but never had any luck – and of course, it’s much easier if you can actually get your hands on a copy of the magazine – and now I can!

Wasn’t that kind of her? This could be just what I need to get me over the finishing line and see myself in print ‘down under’!

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9 Responses to Right-on, Brighton!

  1. Noooooo – never sit at the front! I went to a comedy club with three me and we sat at the front…

  2. Jaci says:

    Hi, love your blog. Love reading it when I get it in my inbox. Love your mentioning Sydney 🙂
    Unfortunately we have had record-breaking weather this summer, all for the wrong reasons: coldest summer in decades, wettest summer in so-and-so years, first time flooding at “suburb-name-here” in 14 years! In fact, some thought the world has turned upside down and we were in…er, England ;-D

    • Jaci – I am sorry, but I cannot sympathise! Your ‘coldest summer in decades’ is probably still about 10 degrees hotter than our ‘hottest summer ever’ !! You will just have to put a T-shirt on WITH CAP SLEEVES and maybe some slightly longer shorts than usual….. (you see, no sympathy at all!)

  3. I’m so jealous! I LOVE Brighton!

    Much nicer in the summer though 😉

    I’ve only been to the London Conedy Store and I made sure I sat right at the back lol


    • Vikki – we only had a choice of ‘right on the front row’ or ‘right on the back row’ and we didn’t really want to be right at the back, so…… ! On relection, it was fine but at the time, it felt like torture! And one of the comediens (a woman, actually, so ‘comedienne’, I suppose) was very, very, very rude… and we were with my partner’s daughter and her (new) boyfriend – who are both very young and they looked a bit embarrassed!! eeek! Not a good choice at all!

  4. Keith Havers says:

    Trouble with That’s Life! is you only get a reply on acceptance. Otherwise you wait six months and then assume it’s a rejection.
    They pay well though.

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