Saved – by a Bounty!

Don’t worry – this blog is not turning into a “choco-blog” (although, actually, that’s not a bad idea…) but I just wanted to let you know that, since yesterday, I’ve cheered up!

Firstly, I had an email this morning from Sue Moorcroft, who judges the Writers Forum monthly short story competitions, to tell me that my story ‘Paperchase’ has come second in the magazine’s latest competition! Hurrah! I had a little dance around the kitchen. As I’ll soon be £150 richer, that should just about pay for my car’s (overdue) service. Ah, the glamour.

‘Paperchase’ is one of those stories I’ve wanted to place somewhere for ages – years, in fact. It’s not really a womag story and it’s been shortlisted before in competitions, so I knew it was almost there. And I like it! It’s about a teenager with a paper round – and it’s based on . well, me, when I was a teenager who had a paper round (only for about 3 months – then I got the measles – at Christmas – and that was the end of it!)

And then, when I turned up for my Wednesday lunchtime writing class today, one of the stars (they are all stars, of course!), John, presented me with a RED BOUNTY – a rare and scrumptious specimen (even the pictures on Google image are all of the BLUE ones – you have to look hard for a red one). He’d read about my penchant for them in an earlier post and had remembered.

Thank you, John! Much better than an apple for the teacher.

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10 Responses to Saved – by a Bounty!

  1. Congrats Helen 🙂

  2. Keith Havers says:

    Congratulations on persisting with your story and finally getting it published.

  3. Prue says:

    Congratulations Helen!
    On the story AND the Bounty 🙂

  4. Tracy Fells says:

    Nice one Helen congratulations on the WF story. I can report that RED Bountys have now been spotted in West Sussex (for any of your southern blog readers) – Waitrose in Storrington stock them… I’m off to buy up a good supply 🙂

  5. Jenny Francis says:

    Well done on coming second in the comp . I hope you enjoyed the red Bounty. I have a bowl full of the blue minature Bounties left over from Christmas in a bowl. No one likes them in my house, suppose I should throw them out.

  6. Catherine Robinson says:

    Congratulations!! You deserve that Bounty!

  7. Congratulations!!! 🙂

    *whispers* I like the blue ones lol


  8. Debbie W says:

    Well done on your competition success, Helen and yes I agree, chocolate is much better than an apple for the teacher.

  9. Pat says:

    Congratulations, Helen.
    Enjoy the Bounty!

  10. womagwriter says:

    Great news re the second placing! You can keep the bounty bar though. I’m a chocoholic but can’t stand coconut.

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