Magazine Madness Round-Up

I’ve finally made it into ‘Take A Break’! OK, so it’s only a letter (in this week’s issue), not a story, BUT they pay £75 for letters (and £100 for the star letter), which is as much as ‘The People’s Friend’ pay for a story.. and it took me about 30 seconds to write!

Anyway, it reminded me that I still haven’t done my long-awaited (!?) ‘Magazine Madness Round-Up’, so here it is:

As you may remember, last year I set myself the target of writing to the letters page of a different magazine or newspaper each week. That was 52 different magazines in total. I am planning to list them all here, over the coming weeks but as that will take a little while – especially with links – I can’t do it today (it’s Mother’s Day! I have purple tulips to deliver).

I wrote to everything from ‘Asda’ magazine to ‘Yours’ – and plenty in between.

19 of the 52 magazines published my letters, which is a success rate of 37% and 6 of those were ‘Star’ letters, netting me: 2 pairs of Barefoot trainers (worth £160) from ‘BenHealth’; £50 (from Best); £25 from Chat; a golf trolley (worth £300) from Golf World; a case of wine from John Lewis’ magazine Edition; a hotel stay from The Mail on Sunday (worth up to £400 – very posh hotels!) and finally… boo, hiss, a Vodaphone Smart Phone from the Sun’s Buzz Magazine, which I never got and I’ve given up chasing them for it.

But I had prizes for most of my other letters too – cash and two magazine subscriptions and a hamper of beauty products.

I also had ‘responses’ from 3 of the magazines – Bella and the National Trust magazine thought I was complaining and wrote very nice emails back to me, explaining things and Woman wanted to turn my letter idea into a feature (which they were going to write, not me).

So, was it worth it? Definitely, yes! The only downside is having to stand in newsagents flicking through all the magazines (I still do it because I’m still writing letters!) because most of the mags don’t tell you when they’re going to be printing your letter.

Have a look through the ‘Magazine Madness’ posts on here if you want to write some letters yourself. All the details of how to submit to the 52 magazines I wrote to, are on those. What are you waiting for…?!

PS: The house viewings yesterday went well. In fact, the first person to view the house, rang the estate agent within 10 minutes of leaving and offered the full asking price! I am not joking! I must be an amazingly good cleaner – either that, or his brain got befuddled by all those Mr Sheen and Vanish fumes. But I’m not complaining.

I still went ahead with the other four viewings and who knows, tomorrow there might be some kind of crazy ‘bidding war’, like some people get for the publishing rights to their first, amazing novel. *sigh*

Most people were nice. Although they did tend to turn up ‘en masse’. I was expecting ‘Hannah’, for example.. and got, well, Hannah And Her Sisters – and her Mum and Dad! (Safety in numbers?). And one rather strange man asked me if I was going to leave the garden shed! Is that even possible – to take it, I mean? It’s a proper shed – not a Sylvanian family one!

I was exhausted by the end of the day – and sick of saying ‘and this is the lounge… and this is the kitchen’… aaaagh!

Let’s hope my speedy buyer hasn’t thought twice over the weekend and by tomorrow it will be SOLD! (Subject to contract, of course! Better add that in case I jinx things).

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10 Responses to Magazine Madness Round-Up

  1. Keith Havers says:

    I’ve just dashed downstairs to have a look at my wife’s T-a-B and there you are! Congratulations on all your successes, Helen, and thanks for all the tips.
    PS You can take your shed with you. I’ve done it twice myself.

    • Ooh, fancy! I didn’t know that! (That you could take your shed!). I don’t think I’ll bother to take mine – it’s a bit of a ramshackled old thing. I think sheds are a bit of a ‘man’ thing, aren’t they? Clearly, Keith, you were very attached to yours!


  2. JohnY says:

    Congratulations Helen, you continue to set good examples to all your students, thanks

    ps Leave your shed,, If its anything like mine it will collapse in bits if moved,

    Even the mice have left mine,, they consider it a death trap !

  3. Hi Helen,
    You’ve done blooming marvelous, good work. Have you tried That’s Life! They pay either 20 or 25 pounds a letter, they like funny and cheeky stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed on your house sale.

  4. Crikey, you did really well with the letter writing! A 37% hit rate is amazing.

    Hope all goes well with the house selling.

  5. Catherine Robinson says:

    Wow – brilliant!! – on both counts, the magazine success rate and the house selling! 🙂

  6. Interesting post – they do pay well for letters. I was surprised to read that. Good on you Helen x

  7. Stephanie Holliday says:

    Every good luck with the house and thanks so much for the Magazine Madness. You really inspired me to try writing articles which I’d never even considered before but since reading your blogs I’ve had three articles printed and two more accepted (won’t be printed until next year though).
    What they pay varies a lot I’ve found; the articles in Motohome Magazine Monthly paid £80 an £160 and the (only slightly smaller) one for Best of British only £20.

  8. ‘I’ve finally made it…’
    30 seconds to write the successful one but how many hours hard work to get to that stage?

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