World Poetry Day – 21st March

It’s World Poetry Day today – but of course, you knew that, didn’t you? I must admit – to my shame – that I’ve only just found out.

They should publicise these things better! World Poetry Day was established by Unesco as an opportunity to “reflect on the power of language and the full development of each person’s creative abilities”.

It’s also World Forestry Day and World Down Syndrome Day. Have a look on this website for other ‘days’, festivals and dates of note. If you look far enough ahead, they could give you some ideas for articles to write and submit to magazines.

Today also marked the end of my 3 weekly Creative Writing classes. We’re finishing for Easter but I won’t be continuing after the holidays because – well, I’m moving! And, to be honest, I need a bit of time to do some of my own writing.

I enjoy teaching. I know I’ll miss it and I have taught some really lovely people (and I’m not just saying that because some of them read this!). It’s the most demanding – and the most rewarding – ‘job’ I’ve ever had.

But essentially, I’m a writer, not a teacher. And it’s a thin line between the two. When your head is full of 40 other people’s writing, it’s hard to find space in there for your own work.

It’s time for a bit of ‘me’ time!

And on that subject, some good news. I’ve been shortlisted for the ‘Write Invite’ competition that I took part in on Saturday. That’s cheered me up! I won’t tell you which of the three shortlisted stories is mine, just in case you entered too and are eligible to vote. It wouldn’t be fair, as it’s all done anonymously but it’s inspired me to have another go, even if I don’t win this week. I’ve written about it before here, so I won’t rabbit on again – have a look here if you’re interested. Your first go is free!

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2 Responses to World Poetry Day – 21st March

  1. Congratulations on the shortlisting.

  2. Congratulations! 🙂

    Nope, I didn’t know it was World Poetry Day, but then I didn’t know it was World Storytelling Day a couple of days ago lol


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