Some Poetry

As you know, I like to follow up the results of competitions that I enter and… er, don’t win. It’s a little hobby of mine.

I entered the Alan Sillitoe poetry competition back in January and managed to track down the results on the website today. All the winners attended a jolly evening of poetry and music at a prize-giving event in Nottingham earlier this month. It looked like fun (yes, I’m feeling like the only girl in the class not invited to a birthday party). 😦

Anyway, you can read the poems that were placed first, second and third here.

There are more (the five runners-up) but I know you’re busy people. But the first three are definitely worth a read. Go on, (“go on, go on, go on!” – I’m sounding like Mrs Doyle in Father Ted), read them, even if you don’t think you like poetry. It will take you five minutes and you might be surprised.

I like the way they twist and turn and are full of surprises, that they challenge you to think and wonder and that they are on subjects that are ‘different’ and original – not the same old ‘love, death, bereavement….’

They’re also accompanied by the judge’s comments, which are always interesting and helpful, especially if you’re trying to improve your own poetry. *sighs*

I thought the judge, Ruth Fainlight, missed something in the second-placed poem, ‘Carpet Shop In Delhi’, though. I thought the mood shifted, towards the end and became darker, almost threatening. Or maybe that’s just me remembering an incident with an overzealous salesman in a jewellery shop in Tunis…!

See what you think.

And if that’s whetted your appetite for poetry competitions, Ledbury Festival has just announced details of their 2012 poetry competition. Closing date is 3rd July.

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8 Responses to Some Poetry

  1. Hi Helen,
    Loved your letter in this months Saga magazine. I’m always writing to them, and funny enough, my latest one was agreeing with the same columnist as you, (name escapes me for a second) in that I’m not keen on all the reality t.v. Well done on another letter. Lynn Truss was the name I’m looking for I think.

  2. Hi Helen – thanks for the links. I enjoy reading the entries that placed in comps. Congrats on getting the letter published. I don’t suppose Saga publishes short stories? 🙂

    • No, sadly not – no short stories in Saga.


      • Ah well, can’t blame a girl for asking. I’m always on the lookout for short story markets. LOL aren’t we all? x

      • Hi Diane and Helen,
        In my letter to Saga where I also liked Lynne Truss’s articles, I asked them if they would consider a stort story section… have to try don’t we?

      • Good on you Susan. I’ve been thinking about writing to Women’s Weekly, Woman’s Day and New Idea here in Australia, who used to publish short stories or perhaps just sending them a short story and see what happens. These days I’m down to one market to submit to here ‘down under’. Just as well That’s Life has the weekly mag and the quarterly mag I guess BUT we need more markets!

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