Mentoring for Would-Be Novelists

Hurrah, it’s Sunday night and that means Homeland!

Anyone else watching/enjoying it? It’s a good excuse to put a picture of the lovely Damian Lewis on my blog, anyway.

Over the weekend I treated myself to Marie Claire magazine because I am just about to get my hair done and they had an offer “30% off your next cut & colour” but when I actually got to that page (of course, it was in a plastic wrapper), the discount was for ‘Headmasters’. Good name but the nearest salon to me is in Manchester! Boo, hiss.

Perhaps I should write to their letters page and complain. Ah, this is taking me back to Magazine Madness now… but if you want to write to Marie Claire, email:  or write (does anyone still actually write?) to: Marie Claire, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 OSU.

They have one prize for ‘Mail of the Month’ and for May it’s a 22ct gold-plated bumblebee necklace worth £258. All the letters on their ‘You Tell Us’ page, by the way, were comments on earlier issues of the magazine, so you may have to splurge £3.70 on a copy if you want to find something to write about!

But, it’s not all bad news because, following the success of their ‘Mentor & Inspire’ campaign last year, in association with The Prince’s Trust, Marie Claire is doing it all over again. And one of the mentors is best-selling novelist Jojo Moyes.

Find out more about the scheme here. But be aware that most of that refers to last year’s scheme. If you want to apply to be mentored in 2012, you need to complete the form here.

And sorry fellas, but although they don’t specify, I reckon this is just one for the ladies – Marie Claire being a woman’s magazine and all that.

It’s free to apply but they do suggest that every applicant donates £5 to The Prince’s Trust. If you’re half way through a novel and struggling this might be just the opportunity you’re looking for – and the closing date’s not until 1st June, so there’s a bit of time!

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5 Responses to Mentoring for Would-Be Novelists

  1. Thanks for the links for the mentoring….will look into it 🙂

    My daughter is a stylist at Headmasters *snigger*


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