Diamond Jubilee Poetry Competitions – Updated 2nd June 2012

Have you noticed there are suddenly Union Jacks everywhere? The whole country’s going ‘Queen’s Diamond Jubilee crazy’, so I thought it was time I joined in and tracked down a few of the competitions that have sprung up to honour it.

Details are below for some that I’ve found, in order of their closing dates. Some are for locals only, so read the rules carefully! If you find any more (for adults), let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

1. The Daily Mail ran a Diamond Jubilee Poetry Competition, which was judged by former Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion (*swoons*), Sir Roy Strong, former director of the Victoria & Albert Museum and Pam Ayres.

They had over 1000 entries! Gulp! That’s rather a lot..!

The results are here if you’d like to read the winning entry, the runners-up and some other commended poems.

2. Jersey Arts Trust is giving away a Kindle and book tokens in their competition FOR ISLANDERS. So don’t enter this unless you live in Jersey! You can enter as many poems as you like. Closing date: 23rd May 2012.

3. If you live in the Alsager area (near Crewe) then you’ve got until 25th May to enter this Diamond Jubilee poetry competition. Costs £2 to enter and it doesn’t specify the prize(s).

4. Forward Poetry is running a free-to-enter Jubilee poetry competition, with a £500 first prize. Closing date 29th June and you can send your entry in via their website or by email – so it won’t even cost you a stamp!

5. Nantwich Museum is holding an open Jubilee Poetry competition. The closing date for the adult section is 14th July 2012. It’s free to enter and there are books as prizes.

6. ‘A Poem for the Queen’ competition (York)

Ever fancied yourself as a poet? Write a poem for the queen and submit it to any York Library before the end of June for the chance to win a prize and have your work displayed at Explore York. (Sorry, can’t find out any more about this one but if you live in York there’s probably more information in the libraries!)

Meanwhile, the unpacking continues. As we’ve combined two households, we’re like Noah and Mrs Noah: we have TWO of everything. So there’s a lot of debate along the lines of ‘Your roasting tin or mine? Your laundry basket, or mine?’ (My stuff seems to be winning. Well, it’s just nicer!)

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13 Responses to Diamond Jubilee Poetry Competitions – Updated 2nd June 2012

  1. You’ll have to go car booting Helen, then you can buy something else nice:)) Thanks for the links. I’ve already sent a fun poem to People’s Friend for the Jubilee, but it was slightly corny, so I don’t expect it’ll be published….

  2. Thanks for the info on the competitions. I may have a go at the Daily Mail one but time is running out. Wonder why they don’t offer a prize like a plaque to mark the jubilee poetry comp.

    • Shirley – perhaps there is a prize, lurking in the background somewhere? It does seem a bit odd that they’re not offering anything but then again, writing is often so undervalued, that they might well think we’re all just happy to write for the ‘thrill’ of being in print! good luck in the competition anyway.

      • Well it doesn’t mention a prize and it’s a national newspaper you’d think they would have one. Yes I agree seeing your poem in print is a thrill, but as we know writing is hard work and deserves more reward.

  3. Laura king says:

    Where are the poems?

  4. Yvonne says:

    Have entered the ‘Forward Press’ Cometition as 500 quid would be very useful since there is rarely any money to be made in poetry. Don’t think it will win though as it is a humorous poem and perhaps a little irreverant.

    • Good luck Yvonne! It’s always worth having a go, as you never quite know what they’re looking for – or what the rest of the entries are like!

      • Yvonne says:

        Thanks I am always on the look out for other poetry sites especially humorous ones, there don’t seem to be that many around.

  5. tyrone says:

    I’ve written a poem about the queen’s diamond jubilee put I’m not that confident to put it in a competition
    it as had over 400 veiws in three days but not really had a expert comment to give me confidence

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi Tyrone just taken a look, very good. What sort of poetry site is that? I am not a member of any poetry sites these days but I do have my own poetry blog and I too have written a jubilee poem of a slightly different nature if you want to take a look at

      • Tyrone says:

        Hi Yvonne
        it’s a new poem forum so i’m hoping that the new members decide how it looks and feels, you can put a poem or two on and leave a link two your website if you want? (could do with the members) I started it on the 10th of june 2012, so it’s very young. I’ve read your poem and I think it’s Great.
        When i’m writing a poem, after about the tenth line I start panicing and then end it quickly, it is all to do with confidence?

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