So You Think You Know Your Austen?

Lots of you liked the Jane Austen quote in the last post – ‘Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery’, so I thought you might be interested in the Guardian’s ‘fiendish’ Jane Austen quiz here.

I consider myself a bit of an Austen ‘buff’ but I got a shameful THREE out of 10!

Go on – you can do better than that!

And on a completely different subject, Take A Break magazine’s ‘You’re Telling Us’ question for this week is: What is your biggest holiday embarrassment?

Email with your tales of disappearing bikini bottoms or speaking French in Spain (I did that when we arrived at Murcia airport. ‘Merci!’ I called – very loudly – to the man in passport control). I also once lost the keys to our hire car IN THE SEA – and 70 miles from the hotel. That was embarrassing. And it cost a fortune in taxi fares. Ah, happy days.

I won’t be sending these off because they’ve recently accepted one of my comments for publication – and I don’t like to be greedy – but if yours is one of the comments that’s selected to be printed in the magazine (and you don’t mind sending a little piccie of yourself, on acceptance), you’ll be rewarded with a nice fat cheque for £60. Not bad for five minutes work, is it?

And do please feel free to tell me your embarrassing holiday stories! Well, I’ve told you mine…!

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4 Responses to So You Think You Know Your Austen?

  1. Thanks for the tip on the Take a Break feature I’ve sent mine off! It involves a nudist beach in Spain!

  2. Prue says:

    Thanks for the Jane Austen quiz – I enjoy it. The answers don’t show up though so not only will I be re-reading Mansfield Park to find the quote you used, looks like I’ll be reading the whole set again!

    As for embarrasing moments, I think they’re best forgotten. Especially unblocking the sink in Syria, not to mention…no, perhaps that’s best left unmentioned 🙂

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